One of the most controversial issues in the National Football League over the past few seasons has been the protest against the National Anthem.

All it took was one NFL player to spark one of the biggest protests in the history of sports.

That one player is former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

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Kaepernick was protesting police brutality and racial inequality which is utterly perfect for him to do as an American who is using his right to freedom of speech to the fullest.

Do you see it as a controversial topic?

What if I told you he did his protesting by taking a knee during the United States National Anthem.

Have you changed your opinion now? Or maybe you have mixed reactions?

Several people called Kaepernick’s protests unpatriotic and disrespectful of the U.S. flag, the national anthem, the police, and the military.

But what you do think?

Throughout the 2016 season, other NFL athletes engaged in their own silent protest.

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As the number of athletes who continued to protest went up, the President of the United States had a message for all the NFL owners.

That message only sparked an even more significant protest amongst all 32 teams in the league. President Donald Trump called for owners to fire the protesting players.

Owners and teams reacted by having a widespread protest of over 200 players who either raised a fist, sat in the locker room or knelt.
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If you have ever been to a live sporting event, you know it is a tradition in the United States to play The Star-Spangled Banner, the national anthem, before the game starts.

But the controversy started in 2009 when the NFL mandated that all players must be on the field for the playing of the national anthem.

NFL stated that “players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the National Anthem.” However, the NFL game operations manual reads that players “should stand” for the anthem.

But after everything that has gone wrong with the protesting in the NFL, the Commissioner Roger Goodell and other NFL owners had to make changes again.

The change that we have all recently been aware of with the National Anthem and the NFL’s new policy.

Read about it below!

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President Trump says the NFL “did the right thing” by implementing a new policy requiring players and league personnel on the sidelines to stand during the national anthem before games. He still doesn’t think that players should be staying in locker rooms. Trump continued to add that the players shouldn’t be playing if they didn’t stand proudly for the national anthem. He even went on to say that they shouldn’t be in the country.

Let’s not forget that it is Trump’s comments last September that sparked the biggest protest in the NFL.

Let us know what you think about the new NFL policy on the national anthem. Will it make a difference or will we see more players start staying in the locker room?

Whatever their decision is, we’ll be ready for an exciting start to every NFL game this season.

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