In case you missed the NFL Draft, we’ll update you on all the draft picks from the NFC West and the grades of each.

Photo Courtesy of The Rams

Los Angeles Rams: A-

Draft Picks:
Joseph Noteboom, OT, TCU
Brian Allen, C, Michigan St.
John Franklin-Myers, DE, Stephen F. Austin
Micah Kiser, ILB, Virginia
Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, EDGE, Oklahoma
John Kelly, RB, Tennessee
Jamil Demby, G, Maine
Sebastian Joseph, DT, Rutgers
Trevon Young, EDGE, Louisville
Best Pick: Joseph Noteboom
Worst Pick: No Receiver to replace Austin.
Draft Analysis:
The Rams made the playoffs for the first time since 2004, and they won their division while doing so. They look to continue to gain more division titles and make a playoff run. This offseason season was full of moves for the Rams as we have seen several different players move to and from Los Angeles.
The Draft is no different. After building a stronger defense, the Rams focused on the offensive line in the draft. With their first pick coming in the third round, the Rams selected Joseph Noteboom. Noteboom is a swing tackle and a much-needed player at the position regarding depth. He, along with Brian Allen would help make the job of the other offensive linemen easier. Quarterback Jard Goff would have an easier time too as he could continue to improve himself with the addition of Brandin Cooks at wide receiver and the continued emergence of Cooper Kupp.
Let’s not forget about the star running back, Todd Gurley. The worst pick for the Rams was not drafting a receiver. Yeah, they don’t really need to draft another guy to return punts and kickoffs, that’s Pharoh Cooper’s job as long as he protects the ball. It would have still been nice to add another receiver to the mix especially if you’re trying to continue to be a top offense again, but nonetheless, the Rams received an A- with all the offseason acquires and moves made to set them up for a more comfortable draft. They merely just drafted every top need and moved on from there.
Arizona Sports
Photo Courtesy of Arizona Sports
Arizona Cardinals: A
Draft Picks:
Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M
Mason Cole, C, Michigan
Chase Edmonds, RB, Fordham
Chris Campbell, CB, Penn St.
Korey Cunningham, OT, Cincinnati
Best Pick: Josh Rosen
Worst Pick: Chase Edmonds
Draft Analysis:

Once Carson Palmer made the announcement of his retirement, the Cardinals were already one of the many teams searching for a new quarterback. Sam Bradford looked to be like that guy when the Cardinals signed him in free agency. However, given Bradford’s history, it was a safer risk to draft the best pure pocket passing quarterback available, Josh Rosen.

There is no word yet on which quarterback will start, but the Cardinals need to protect Rosen so we can see him become a Pro Bowler. Giving up a third- and a fifth-round pick was more than reasonable for a player with Rosen’s potential.

Christain Kirk was the Cardinals second pick, and it was a great one, not only because of his skills but as the successor to the future Hall of Famer, Larry Fitzgerald. Cardinals also added for versatility on the offensive line when they drafted Mason Cole. Cole could line up as the center or tackle for the Cardinals, and that’s step one of protecting Rosen.

The Spokesman
Photo Courtesy of The Spokesman

Seattle Seahawks: B-

Draft Picks:

Rashaad Penny, RB, San Diego St.
Rasheem Green, DE, USC
Will Dissly, TE, Washington
Shaquem Griffin, OLB, Central Florida
Tre Flowers, S, Oklahoma St.
Michael Dickson, P, Texas
Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio St.
Jake Martin, EDGE, Temple
Alex Mcgough, QB, Florida International
Best Pick: Shaquem Griffin
Worst Pick: Michael Dickson
Draft Analysis:
It’s the same old Seahawks when it comes to the draft this year and their first-round pick, running back Rashaad Penny. Penny will team with Mike Davis and Chris Carson in hopes to help Seattle’s offense find a way to run the ball.
Rasheem Green and Shaquem Griffin are the best picks for the Seahawks in this case. Green could be a steal in the draft, and anyone who drafted Shaquem Griffin has the most exceptional value. Griffin may be one-handed, but he is a real force on the defensive line.  But despite it all, the Seahawks drafted a punter instead of adding another offensive linemen to help get protection for Russell Wilson.
We should expect to see the new additions to the Seahawks help them try to make it back to the playoffs and continue their dynasty.
Niners Wire - USA Today
Photo Courtesy of Niners Wire – USA Today

San Francisco 49ers: B

Draft Picks:

Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame
Dante Pettis, WR, Washington
Fred Warner, OLB, BYU
Tarvarius Moore, S, Southern Miss
Kentavius Street, DE, N.C. State
D.j. Reed, CB, Kansas St.
Marcell Harris, S, Florida
Jullian Taylor, DT, Temple
Richie James, WR, Middle Tennessee St.

Best Pick: Mike McGlinchey

Worst Pick: Richie James

Draft Analysis:

San Francisco looks to return to the playoffs and they are certainly making the right moves to make it happen. The trade for Jimmy Garoppolo last season showed that he could be the next big quarterback in the league. Of course, he will need to have protection and players around him to help move the offenses.

In the draft, McGlinchey brings power in the run game. That could mean that Jerick McKinnon and Matt Breida are in good hands. McGlinchey still has room to grow and could be a great pass protector as well. Pettis was another pick by the 49ers that could help them with both the offensive and special teams side of things.

On the defensive side of things, the 49ers selected Warner and Moore and we could expect to see both of them be in the middle of the rotation amongst the defensive backs and linebackers  Let’s not forget about the new addition of Richard Sherman as well!

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 Featured Image: Photo Courtesy of Adndeportivo

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