The first 10 picks are in the books here in my should take versus will take mock draft, with some very interesting picks coming up here in the middle, including a trade with the very first pick of this section. Before I jump into Pick 11, let’s recap my should take (my personal opinion) versus will take (team tendencies) Top 10.

Should take:                                                               Will Take:

  • 1. Cleveland Browns: Josh Rosen                                                          Josh Allen
  • 2. Buffalo Bills (from NYG): Josh Allen                                                Josh Rosen
  • 3. New York Jets: Sam Darnold                                                             Sam Darnold
  • 4. Cleveland Browns: Saquon Barkley                                                Saquon Barkley
  • 5. Denver Broncos: Bradley Chubb                                                     Quenton Nelson
  • 6. Indianapolis Colts: Minkah Fitzpatrick                                          Bradley Chubb
  • 7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Derwin James                                          Minkah Fitzpatrick
  • 8. Chicago Bears: Quenton Nelson                                                       Ro’Quan Smith
  • 9. San Francisco 49ers: Denzel Ward                                                   Derwin James
  • 10. Oakland Raiders: Ro’Quan Smith                                                   Vita Vea

With that in mind, our next set of picks begin…

#11: Baltimore Ravens (from Miami Dolphins) and Miami Dolphins

Alabama v Mississippi State

Ravens should take: Calvin Ridley, Alabama WR

Here is my first trade up not involving a quarterback, and also my first scenario where the picks in my article are dealing with two different teams. While I don’t think Miami will trade back with the Ravens, I think it is a smart decision for both teams. The Ravens could use this pick on two different players to steal from the Giants or Redskins. The Dolphins, being that they need so much, shouldn’t mind trading 5 picks back and getting some future or back end picks to help build depth either. However, knowing their love affair for Baker Mayfield, I know they won’t, not to mention this is the same front office that traded Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry for peanuts. Going back to the Ravens, I think trading up for them makes sense. There are two players I have in mind for them, Calvin Ridley and Notre Dame tackle Mike McGlinchey. Taking Ridley would snag him from the Redskins who pick 13th, who could use a skilled receiver like Ridley. Taking McGlinchey would steal a high-quality offensive lineman from the Giants, who pick next. So either option is a good one for the Ravens to trade up. Upon further ado, here is why I slightly favor Ridley. First of all, I think there is more tackle depth in this draft than I do receiver, as there a lot of good options that can slip into the second round. Second of all, James Hurst had a smoother than expected transition from left guard to right tackle for the Ravens last year. While I don’t think he is anything special, I don’t think it is as glaring as a hole as I thought last year after losing tackle Rick Wagner to Detroit. And finally, even though they brought in Michael Crabtree and John Brown, Crabtree is aging and has only fit in the Raiders scheme so far, making him not a guarantee. Brown has only done well as a slot receiver in his first 2 years with the Arizona Cardinals, and constantly has been injury prone. With that in mind, despite me thinking that McGlinchey is the better player of the two, I think Ridley makes more sense slightly for a receiver-needy Ravens team. I think they can go either way here, and the Ravens are in a win-win if they trade up because they have tremendous depth and don’t need those back end draft picks as much. However, with the nature of the team, I slightly favor Calvin Ridley over Mike McGlinchey here.

Dolphins will take: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma QB

The love affair with the Dolphins and Baker Mayfield is real. They had their own private workouts with him on multiple occasions and even treated him out to dinner with their celebrity ownership. If that doesn’t scream draft lock, I don’t know what does. This is one of those things that is in my will happen that I think will be a major mistake. In any draft, among 4 or 5 first round quarterbacks, there tends to be one bust. And between the situation and the talent, I think Mayfield will turn into that player. I am worried about him making a good variety of throws at an NFL level, as he played a very basic offense at Oklahoma. His deep accuracy isn’t great and his play extensions could be better as well, despite him being a decent runner. Combine that with the reputation issues and potential lack of maturity, I’m not sure how Mayfield will fare in a locker room of grown men. And then there’s the Dolphins end of it. Ryan Tannehill is not a bad quarterback by any means, and he is still under contract for another 4 years. This team has major holes and just traded away their two best offensive skill players. With the exception of linebacker, defensive end, and a couple of spots on offense, this team has major holes, and should take the best player available if they keep the pick. Being that they have so many holes, I don’t think trading back 5 picks with the Ravens would hurt them either, as they can still take a player of need. McGlinchey would probably be the best fit for them if they kept the pick, but taking Josh Jackson, Connor Williams, or even Vita Vea in this spot wouldn’t be bad either. Regardless, I think the Dolphins, with everything I’ve heard, love Mayfield that much. And if he doesn’t go to the Jets, this seems inevitable that Baker will go to his desired location in South Beach.

#12: New York Giants


Should and will take: Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame T

The Giants are the most interesting wild card in this draft, and with the Bills making a very likely trade to 2, the Giants start their offensive line rebuild with the best tackle in this draft. McGlinchey has the best combination of strength, technique, and speed for his position. At 6’7″ and 291 pounds, he has nice mobility but also very good strength and footwork. And with the Giants watching Ereck Flowers struggle at left tackle and Justin Pugh walk in free agency to the Arizona Cardinals, they are glad that McGlinchey fell into their laps at 12. He is exactly what the Giants need to fill a void at right tackle after signing Nate Solder to be their left tackle and Patrick Omameh to be their right guard. I also believe that they will incorporate trying Flowers as a guard in a more power run scheme that Dave Gettleman wants to incorporate with the Giants, kind of like what the Carolina Panthers had while he was GM there, and also like the Super Bowl 42 Champion Giants that had Brandon Jacobs and a talented interior line of Rich Seubert, Shaun O’Hara, and Chris Snee. While I think Ereck Flowers is nowhere near the talent level of those three, his strugglesome technique and footwork don’t bode the tackle position very well. This isn’t to say he was a bad right tackle. I thought he was solid his rookie year at that position. However, I think his physique and build, being more of a mauler and raw strength type, suits the guard position better. And I don’t think the Giants wanting to reexperiment with Flowers at right tackle will shy them away from drafting a top offensive line talent like McGlinchey in this spot, who is much more suited for the right tackle position with his physical build and his skillset.

#13: Washington Redskins


Should take: Vita Vea, Washington DT

From one Washington to the other, Vita Vea would be the smartest choice for the Redskins in this spot. Their defense was plagued in the second half of the season by their inability to stop the run. A lot of that was Jonathan Allen being injured, but they still don’t have talent up front regardless. They relied on average and below average talents in their 3-4 defense up front, despite having good linebackers. Preston Smith is decent at defensive end, but he can’t do it all on his own with Allen hurt. This is why Vea is the perfect fit for the Washington Redskins. He is 6’5″ and 340 pounds, and is the perfect nose tackle for this scheme and this defense that has been missing that nose tackle for years. All of a sudden, Vea, Jonathan Allen, and Preston Smith looks like a more formidable front to stop the run, with guys like Ryan Kerrigan, Junior Gallette, Ryan Anderson, Zach Brown, Mason Foster, and Martrell Speight in their linebacking core, not to mention adding Pernell McPhee in free agency as well. That defense would certainly be more improved against the run, and to go along with a pass defense that was Top 10, that will be a team defense that will be much improved, something the Redskins have never had in years or even decades. Vea won’t transform it alone, but is certainly a building block that can make an amazing leap against the run at least.

Will take: Calvin Ridley, Alabama WR

While I think this would be a solid pick for a receiver needy team, I don’t think it is the best pick. The reason I think they are doing it is that the Redskins have always been an offensive-minded franchise. They hire offensive coaches, and draft a lot of offensive first round picks, even if it isn’t a team need. Brandon Scherff and Josh Doctson were the most recent examples that fall into those picks. This isn’t to say they are bad players, but last year was an exception to the Redskins going offense heavy with their first round picks. That is why I feel like Ridley will seem like the perfect fit for that Redskins front office. They need receivers badly with Doctson and Crowder taking steps back, and the Redskins having a very injury-prone tight end and running back group. They also need to get some different kinds of targets for Alex Smith, who struggled statistically in Kansas City and in San Francisco without good targets. And they, being the offensive-minded front office they are, will feel like they need to get another target. And honestly, they can use it, as I think Crowder is more of a slot receiver and Doctson hasn’t taken that step he needed to in his development. However, I still believe Vea is a stronger need and will be a better player, despite me believing they will take Ridley based on their offensive tendencies.

#14: Green Bay Packers


Should take: Josh Jackson- Iowa CB

I’ve mentioned many times how this, in addition to being a deep quarterback class, is going to be a strong class for corners as well. Josh Jackson could be a Top 10 talent in any other year, but because of Fitzpatrick and Ward and all the quarterbacks, I don’t think he would go Top 10. However, Green Bay gets a nice value here at 14. They should get a major boost to their defense that has constantly been big play prone in the past and has lost several cornerbacks year in and year out, including Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, and Casey Hayward, who is now doing phenomenally with the Chargers. They also just traded 2015 1st round pick Damarious Randall to the Browns this offseason, after he didn’t pan out. The Packers must still be kicking themselves after that draft, as Landon Collins went 3 picks later to the New York Giants. Regardless, Josh Jackson is the best pickup here for Green Bay. They can live with the linebackers they have right now with Blake Martinez taking a step up and still having Clay Matthews, who is more well-rounded than earlier in his career, when he was exclusively a pass rusher. They also still have youth in Jake Ryan and Kyler Fackrell, who I think are solid players still too. They have a hole at right end, but filled one end spot with Muhammad Wilkerson this offseason. But being that corner is a bigger hole than right end in this particular spot, I think Jackson is the guy for the Packers here. They drafted Kevin King last year, who was talented when on the field but had some injury concerns. There are less injury concerns with Jackson, who played all of Iowa’s games last season, and only missed two in 2016 when he became a more prominent corner on that team. In terms of his skillset, he has a great combination of speed and strength, and is also a very good ball-hawking corner, jumping and playing the ball well. This included having the best interception of the college football season against Ohio State. He has good size for a cornerback at 6’1″ and excellent jumping ability, and has the speed and coverage ability both ways, despite me personally believing he is better man-to-man. Regardless, the Packers need this kind of help in the secondary after failing with several good corners in the past, and now they have a chance to redeem themselves in this draft.

Will take: Harold Landry, Boston College DE/OLB

The Packers have always loved versatility on defense. Mike McCarthy and Dom Capers, for years, have sacrificed raw talent for players that can play in many different spots. Harold Landry fits that bill perfectly for what the Packers love to do. Despite me not thinking this is the best pick, Landry is still a very good talent and has great athletic ability at 6’6″ and 250 pounds. He also has good speed for his position, allowing him to play both defensive end and outside linebacker. And going back to versatility, I believe Mike McCarthy, despite switching defensive coordinators, will still have the versatility mindset when it comes to his defense, and will not pass up on a player like Landry, who can line up as left outside linebacker in run defense situations, and can line up as defensive end on nickel and dime formations where Mike Daniels can move to defensive tackle. With the exception of Damarious Randall, Green Bay has drafted very well defensively, but have had trouble getting good team defenses due to injuries. If they make this pick, which I believe they will based on tendencies, they will not be disappointed.

#15: Arizona Cardinals


Should take: Connor Williams, Texas T

This was a tough one to pick for Arizona, because I think there are many good options at this pick. Colorado cornerback Isaiah Oliver is a nice pick in this situation, with Arizona needing a #2 cornerback badly. Tremaine Edmunds is a nice pick as well in this spot, a good combo linebacker who will fit nicely in Steve Wilkes’ attacking 4-3 scheme. However, I think the best pick in this spot is Connor Williams, with the Cardinals losing Jared Veldheer to the Denver Broncos and watching D.J. Humphries develop as a pass blocker. They brought in Andre Smith in free agency, but I see him more as a right tackle. While I don’t think Williams is an amazing pass blocker, I think he is an excellent run blocker and still is a better pass blocker than Humphries. This will help David Johnson run outside even more and allow the Cardinals to do more exotic runs with a tackle that is better as a run blocker. And with Sam Bradford and a potential rookie on their roster as quarterback, expect this team to be very run heavy assuming that Johnson comes back to elite form after his wrist injury last season. And for those of you wondering why I didn’t give the Cardinals a quarterback in this spot, I don’t think there is a talent worthy of this pick. I think it is smarter for the Cardinals, unless they can trade up to get one of the top three, to wait until the second round or even trade back later in the first round like the Raiders did to get Derek Carr. I don’t think it makes sense here, with quality players still on the board in team needs for the Cardinals.

Will take: Denzel Ward, Ohio State CB

This is one of those scenarios where the will take is a better pick than the should take. The Cardinals need #2 corner badly, and them watching a Top 10 talent slip to the middle of the draft like this should have them jumping up and down. Ward has tremendous speed and coverage ability to all parts of the field, and has nice ball-hawking and jumping ability. And playing alongside what I believe is still the best corner in football in Patrick Peterson should help his development too, with him getting either more attention or more respect on his side if he plays well, which I believe he should. We watched the Jacksonville Jaguars dominate defensively last year with their corner tandem of Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye and that lethal pass rush, and I believe Steve Wilkes, who ran a similar kind of scheme in Carolina as the Jaguars did, will try to build that same identity with the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals have the pass rush already, with players like Markus Golden, Chandler Jones, Corey Peters, and Haason Reddick. While I think they can also improve depth some more in this area, they have the starters. Now Steve Wilkes finds his #2 corner to go along with his shutdown #1 in this spot.

#16- Miami Dolphins (from Baltimore Ravens) and Baltimore Ravens 

Isaiah Oliver, Elijah King

Dolphins should take: Isaiah Oliver, Colorado CB

Remember, I had the Dolphins trade back earlier with the Ravens so they can accumulate extra draft picks that they needed to gain depth. So, now picking at 16, I believe Oliver is their best fit for this spot. The Dolphins need a lot, from running back to wide receiver to offensive line to secondary, but I believe Oliver is the best pick for this spot. Xavien Howard is a good corner, but I see him more as a 2 than a 1, but he has to be the 1 on this team because the rest of the corner group just isn’t good. I think Oliver has the potential to grow into a 1, not as much as Ward or Jackson, but still a similar skillset. He has good speed and can keep up with receivers on complicated routes and deep down field. His ball skills aren’t great, but are still good, and his jumping for his size is good as well. He isn’t as strong as some of the other corners in this class, so he may not be able to press like somebody like Minkah Fitzpatrick, but that is also something that can be taught and improved just by getting stronger in the weight room. Overall, the Dolphins have many options, and can go tackle or wide receiver in this spot as well, but I do believe Oliver is the best fit for them here.

Ravens will take: James Washington, Oklahoma State WR

John Harbaugh loves fast receivers, and James Washington certainly fits the bill here. A very good route runner and downfield threat, Washington is the weapon that the Ravens believe they would need. And with Ridley off the board to their Beltway rival Redskins, the Ravens snag the second best receiver in this draft. Washington has some issues with those tougher catches, and his hands as a whole could be better, but he can make up for that with his speed, release, and route running abilities. Not to mention, with the Ravens bringing in Michael Crabtree and John Brown, there won’t be as much pressure for Washington to be “the guy”, both to transform the offense and matchup wise being matched up with a team’s top corner, because Crabtree will receive those matchups. Not to mention, they will think of him as the perfect compliment to a bigger-bodied Crabtree, and they can use his abilities as a counter-gameplan as well. They will also like somebody who can line up anywhere as well, as he lined up outside, in the slot, and even in motion out of the backfield. Like I was saying with Mike McCarthy, John Harbaugh is another coach that has drafted versatile players as well, on both sides of the ball. And after bolstering up that young defense last year with some nice draft picks, the Ravens will look to do the same on offense this year, and according to tendencies, will go after Washington with this pick.

#17- Los Angeles Chargers


Should take: Maurice Hurst, Michigan DT

Dangerous but worth the risk. The Chargers desperately need defensive tackles badly. Vita Vea would be perfect in this spot if he was there, but I thought both the Redskins and the Raiders would take him first. So they take the next best option in Maurice Hurst. A lot of people believed that Hurst wouldn’t be an early round pick with the heart condition he was having. But after doctors cleared him to play, I think he will be a first round pick again. And with the Chargers desperately needing size on that defensive line and run stopping ability (2nd worst run defense and most consistently bad overall), Hurst seems like an ideal situation. Hurst is scheme-versatile playing as a smaller end nose tackle in a 3-4 defense and also a prototypical 4-3 defensive tackle, and is a good run stopper in both, and a good pass rusher in a 4-3. Being that the Chargers operate a 3-4, they will use him in that role, but he can also be used as a nickel and dime power rushing pass rusher as well, something the Chargers need with mostly outside linebackers and speed rushers on that team. Hurst is a guy who’s strength is rushing for power, and combined with that and being an excellent run stopper throughout his collegiate career, the Chargers need to bank on him immediately, regardless of his heart condition.

Will take: Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech LB

Despite me believing that the Chargers need defensive tackle badly, I know their tendency is not to take it. Despite them breaking tendencies last year by taking a bigger-bodied wide receiver in Mike Williams, I don’t expect them to take a defensive tackle. Instead, I expect them to take Edmunds, a linebacker that seems like the exact types of players the Chargers like at that respective position. He has excellent speed for a 6’5″, 253 pound linebacker, and he is able to rush outside and cover with speed to all parts of the field. We’ve seen similar skillsets with the young middle linebackers they’ve drafted recently, in Jatavis Brown and Denzel Perryman. While I think those two guys are just fine, I think the Chargers believe that they need more with the linebackers with Ingram and Bosa being used more at defensive ends last year. While I don’t think this is the best way of thinking for the Chargers, I think it just reflects on their tendencies. And while I think Edmunds is a nice player, I don’t think he’s the best choice in this spot, like I was saying with the Bears and Ro’Quan Smith. I don’t think the Chargers need a linebacker, but I feel like this is the kind of player they will be enamored by.

#18: Carolina Panthers (from Seattle Seahawks) 

james washington

Should take: James Washington, Oklahoma State WR

With the Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers having very similar needs, and the Seahawks loving to trade back in the draft since Pete Carroll has become the coach, I think this move seems very likely to happen, as it should. The Panthers need a compliment to Devin Funchess, and like I was saying with Washington on the Ravens, would compliment big-bodied receivers well with his speed and route running ability. I have always believed one thing that was holding this Carolina Panthers offense back is a receiver with that kind of skillset, as they have a very complicated playbook and a lot of exotic pass plays and read option plays. In their Super Bowl year back in 2015, it was Ted Ginn Jr. that flourished in that style of offense, and James Washington may just be a younger and better version of Ted Ginn Jr. And with his speed and release ability, he can help Cam Newton on those deep throws and tougher play extension where he’s running around and trying to create. With all those factors in mind and all the defensive backs worth taking here off the board, it is obvious at this point that Washington would be the best pick here.

Will take: Courtland Sutton, SMU WR

I didn’t just label this as my will take just because Washington went to the Ravens in that mock. I do believe the Carolina Panthers will do whatever to take to get Sutton. Why? Because the Panthers have always loved bigger bodied receivers. Muhsin Muhammad, Keyshawn Johnson, Kelvin Benjamin, Devin Funchess, Brandon LaFell, might I go on? The one exception to that rule has been the best receiver in their history, future Hall of Famer Steve Smith. But even he was utilized as a big receiver in their playbooks despite being undersized. With that in mind, Courtland Sutton in a Carolina Panthers uniform seems inevitable based on tendencies. At 6’4″ and 220 pounds, Sutton is a physical specimen on the outside that may turn into a slightly faster Kelvin Benjamin or Alshon Jeffery. His hands are good as well, and can make those tough catches, which the Panthers have seemed to like in their power and strength scheme and player development method that Ron Rivera has installed there. I personally worry about his speed and route running ability, and his ability to get a good release on his route as well, which is why I don’t think he’ll be amazing. But he has these other skills that will attract teams as a first round option, and that situation will come to be the Carolina Panthers with the way they like to draft.

#19: Dallas Cowboys

Should take: Courtland Sutton, SMU WR


Dallas needs secondary help and maybe some defensive tackles, but their biggest need is wide receiver. And Sutton seems like the best pick for Dallas to replace the recently cut Dez Bryant. Like I was saying above, Sutton will have to improve as a route runner and making catches on those complicated routes to turn into a more polished NFL receiver. However, I think Sutton will help Dallas be a productive receiver as a whole, as he would be the most skilled guy still if he was drafted by that team. Not to mention, the concerns I have about Sutton may be hidden by the fact that Dallas doesn’t run a very complicated offense. They have a very methodical, slower offense that is revolved around the running game and the offensive line, and Dak Prescott making simple throws of many distances when he needs to. Therefore, there will not be as complicated of a route tree for Sutton as much as another team or even as much as somebody like Cole Beasley. And with him having all the physical traits and other skills necessary to play the position, I think this is too good for receiver-needy Dallas to pass up.

Will take: Josh Jackson, Iowa CB

This is another one of those scenarios where the will take is better than the should take in terms of both player and need. I am not bashing Sutton by any means possible, but Josh Jackson has the potential to grow into a good #1 corner in this league, something the Dallas Cowboys have not had recently. Jackson plays the ball very well and has nice jumping ability, and can play both in man and zone coverages. With Rod Marinelli having a very complicated defensive scheme at pretty much every position, they need a guy who can play both styles, and can play it to all parts of the field like Josh can. I like 2017 2nd round pick Chidobe Awuzie, but I see him more as a 2 corner than a 1 throughout his career. Not to mention, he also is exclusively a man-to-man style of player, with him making mistakes in zone coverage throughout his rookie year, especially deep downfield. Jourdan Lewis also made mistakes similar to Awuzie when playing outside coverage, especially in zone, and I believe he is more suited for the slot than the outside. With all that in mind, Dallas needs a #1 corner badly, especially in this day and age when you have to have a good one to win a championship, and should have a good cornerback core as a whole to take home the Lombardi. Jerry Jones has done well in the past at drafting for value, and tends to draft well in the first round as a result, assuming the player doesn’t have off-field issues. Tyron Smith, Zack Martin, Byron Jones, and Dez Bryant were all tremendous value picks that could have been drafted earlier than when Dallas did, and Jerry (and Stephen) Jones deserve some credit for recognizing that and utilizing that as part of their draft strategy. And this is another situation where I see it coming into play, and I don’t think they’ll pass it up again, especially needing a #1 corner like Josh Jackson big time.

#20: Detroit Lions 


Should take: Da’Ron Payne- Alabama DT

The Lions watched their biggest need unexpectedly go by the wayside within the first 16 picks of my should take mock draft. They need a #2 corner badly along side Darius Slay, and Nevin Lawson has never been and will never be that guy. That being said, with me picking Oliver for the Dolphins, I don’t see a corner in this spot that I would take. Their second biggest need is running back, and while I don’t think it would be bad for them to take Derrius Guice here, I think it’s better off for them to wait. And that leaves Da’Ron Payne, a talented defensive tackle who can both run stop and pass rush. With the loss of Haloti Ngata in the offseason, the Lions need that guy who can run stop up the middle, something they were good at with both Ngata and Ndamukong Suh the last 5 or 6 years. I believe they should keep that going with Payne being next in line. Despite being a little undersized height wise (6’2″), he is still very strong at 308 pounds and has the ability to speed rush too as well as clog up inside running lanes. That kind of thing is necessary for a Lions run defense that was very streaky throughout the year, and struggled towards the second half of the season. While I more blame that on slower linebackers and smaller defensive ends that I think are overrated as run stoppers, a player like Payne is still necessary to help out inside and play along side A’Shawn Robinson, who isn’t great as a #1 option. While I think he can still grow into that, I think having Payne along side him will only help the team regardless. With that in mind and with other needs taken off the board, the Lions beef up that interior defensive line with one of the best players of the college football playoff in Da’Ron Payne.

Will take: Maurice Hurst, Michigan DT

The tendencies and the need reflect itself here where the Lions still take a defensive tackle in the will take mock draft. The Lions don’t like going after corners, despite me believing they should take Oliver in this spot if he was there, and they don’t like taking running backs here. They’ve tended to take wide receivers or trench players with these picks quite often, and I don’t think the trend changes here. Not to mention, Hurst is local having played his college career at Michigan, which some teams, including the Lions, have liked. Hurst, like Payne, will be a good fit for a Lions team that lost Ngata in the offseason, and he is still a very good run stopper and pass rusher like Payne is too. Hurst is not as big as Payne, but is faster and can still clog up space and power through, which they certainly need to bolster that run defense. Also, with Matt Patricia now being the coach there, I expect him to take some of Bill Belichick’s tendencies with him. Belichick loved taking defensive players, particularly Front 7, in the first round, as well as offensive linemen and tight ends. Being that the Lions don’t need offensive line as much as defensive tackle and they drafted linebacker Jarrad Davis in the first round last year, I think defensive tackle is the direction they will go in. And the combination of Hurst being the best player available and from Michigan will make him the newest member of Michigan’s professional football team.


Written by Kyle Kloiber

I am a recent college graduate of Western Connecticut State University that is interested in pursuing broadcast. I am currently a co-host and occasional producer of shows at the digital sports radio station Sportsonthego1. I just started writing articles for Fact, Fiction, Fantasy. I also have experience in video production, live broadcasting sporting events, and anchoring segments on highlight shows.

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