RIP Wesley Johnson’s Ankles (July 11th, 1987 – February 28th, 2018).

A moment of reflection please.



Thank you.

An untimely tragedy has struck the Los Angeles area last night, as shooting guard Wesley Johnson’s ankles were broken far beyond repair due to the handles of one James Harden in a regular season game Wednesday night. Although he was rushed to the nearest emergency room, the doctors assigned to him were no use, as they were preoccupied howling in laughter as they continuously replayed the events that had just unfolded on one of their cell phones. We can only imagine what is going through this poor man’s head right now: “Will my career be defined by becoming a GIF?”, “Do I claim injury and sit in a wheelchair for a year?”, “Do I dare even go on Twitter ever again?”, I can’t imagine such a predicament.

All I can say is, keep Wesley Johnson in your thoughts and prayers as his family disclosed to ESPN that they have disowned him as a relative. As a precautionary measure, the family has changed their last name to the “Thompson’s”. Understandably so, it would be unfair for them to share the shame for an act that they had no part in. I would do the same.

Update: Due to the lack of immediate care given to Johnson’s ankles on the night of the injury, he will in fact have to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Godspeed to you, Wesley.



Written by Robert McCarthy

Atlanta sports guy: @robertmcarthy (Twitter)

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