If you watched Sunday’s Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers game, you would know what this is all about. But is it really necessary?

Rajon Rondo was a member of the 2008 NBA Championship Celtics team with Paul Pierce and he took offense to the request of Isaiah Thomas.

Thomas was a Celtic for the last two and half seasons before they traded him to the Cavaliers.

Pierce and his jersey No. 34 were honored after the Celtics-Cavaliers Sunday and Rondo was in attendance to support his former teammate and friend.

Rondo currently with the New Orleans Pelicans hosted Thomas and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Neither player lasted past the first quarter of the game.

Apparently, Rondo was telling Thomas he doesn’t deserve a video tribute in his return to Boston because he’s not a Celtics legend.

It was the topic of the Celtics honoring Thomas when he made his return to Boston as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers after trading him.

Thomas asked for a video tribute which was ironically scheduled on the same day as Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Thomas missed the first meeting with his injured hip.

Pierce didn’t appreciate the thought of sharing his night with Thomas and made it public.

Rondo and many other Celtics did not like this thought either, but was it necessary to attack Thomas on the court with an elbow and jabbing at the mouth?

Come on Rondo, you’re suppose to be better than that. Regardless of how much Thomas is full of himself.

Thomas thinks he’s one of the best players in league and he deserved the video tribute, like the Clippers gave Chris Paul and the Rockets gave Patrick Beverley.

At least that’s what Thomas said in a post game interview when asked about the ejection and the video tribute.

Check it out here: https://youtu.be/5yi9TCfTTKQ

But let’s be honest with ourselves. Thomas will never be a great point guard like Chris Paul. And he definitely won’t be as great of a defender as Patrick Beverley.

Thomas said that his focus is now with the Los Angeles Lakers and helping them try to make a run to the playoffs.

Rondo looks to continue to help the Pelicans stay in the playoff hunt as well.

They will both be free agents at the end of the season and maybe one could be out of a job. I mean seriously they both cause headaches to the NBA and following pointless stories like this.

Share your opinion about Thomas and Rondo and the Celtics tribute. Should Thomas receive those honors or should he just shut his mouth and focus on his game?

Comment below with your opinion and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @factfictfant

Featured Image: Photo Courtesy of Lakers Nation

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