Yes, you read that right!

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is getting paid!

The one-time back up to Patriots’ Tom Brady was traded earlier last season to the San Francisco 49ers for Niners 2018 second-round pick.

Though we will not know who the Patriots draft with that pick until April, we do know that Jimmy G and the Niners agreed to a five-year.

According to ESPN, the deal is a $137.5 million deal with $90 million guaranteed in the first three years.

This deal now makes Garoppolo the league’s highest-paid player even though he only started seven NFL games in his career.

The fact that he did win all five of the starts he had as a 49er helped San Francisco general manager John Lynch make a clear decision that Garoppolo needed to be locked in for the long haul.

The contract seems pretty ridiculous for a guy who doesn’t even have half a season worth of starts. The 49ers are hoping that Garoppolo will get better and can be the centerpiece to build around.

Garoppolo, 26, set a franchise record for passing yards (1,542) in his first five starts with the team.

Garoppolo is 7-0 (2-0 as a Patriot) as a starter in the NFL, and he has revitalized an unembellished roster with targets like Marquise Goodwin, Trent Taylor, and George Kittle. With Garoppolo under center for the next five years, the Niners could look to be one of the teams on the rise. He helped the 49ers go from a 1-10 to 6-10 and the longest active winning streak in the NFL.

Niners Nation
Photo Courtesy Of Niners Nation

Last year, the Niners got deals done with their receivers like Pierre Garcon, Aldrick Robinson, and Goodwin. They drafted tight end Kittle and running Matt Brieda. Let’s not forget to talk about Carlos Hyde, who was playing on a contract year.

Now that the quarterback is signed, the 49ers will focus their attention on what to do with Hyde who is a free agent. They will also be looking to continue to add to their young defense, and figure out who to draft with the ninth overall pick.

The Niners have over $100 million of cap space heading into free agency, after this deal, they will have around $75 million to fill the voids on offense and defense. Niners will bring back Hyde and work both him and Brieda in and out of the plays with Garoppolo.

On defense, we could expect the Niners to draft a linebacker with their first pick. Tremaine Edmunds and Roquan Smith are two linebackers that are on the Niners radar. An edge rusher like Ezekiel Ansah could be another possibility for the Niners to add on their defense.

Can another one of Brady’s understudies have success in the NFL? Wait, Garoppolo would be the only one to have a successful career and all Niners fans will be waiting for the season to start and watch the Niners go 16-0 with Garoppolo as their new franchise quarterback.

Okay, maybe he won’t go 16-0 with the Niners, but I know I’ll be interested in seeing how well he does for the whole season as a starting quarterback.

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Featured Image: Photo Courtesy of NBC Sports


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