While the majority of Americans have returned to life without football for the next six months, many Patriots players are still reeling from their loss to the underdog Eagles, especially one Tom Brady.

After a typical postseason for the future Hall-of-Fame quarterback, Brady is usually hoisting the Lombardi trophy and then embracing his family, (although Brady clearly has a stronger definition for ’embracing’). Last year, Tom Jr. and father Tom Sr. were seen sharing a smooch at midfield after Junior led the Patriots’ historic comeback in Super Bowl 51 and just last week, Tom Jr. was shown doing the same (but much worse) with his own son, John, in the “Tom Vs. Time” documentary, but nothing has been the same since Sunday. While the Philly faithful eat literal horse manure and riot the streets of their own city in celebration, Brady has been shunned by his own father and son since the loss with only the remaining support of his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, to comfort him.

“It’s been like 48 hours and I haven’t even heard back from either of them!”, said a frustrated Tom as he stormed out of his bedroom leaving Gisele behind. Tom Sr. and John released a joint statement Tuesday afternoon informing the public that Brady will simply have to ‘earn their love back over time’ as Tom Jr. was ‘out-gunned by a 2nd-string quarterback’ in Super Bowl LII.


Written by Robert McCarthy

Atlanta sports guy: @robertmcarthy (Twitter)

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