On Saturday, Feb. 3, everyone will know who won the awards in the NFL.

But let us at Fact Fiction Fantasy be the first to tell you the results.

This season has been full of surprises with how teams finished their seasons. Whether it was due to an injury, bad coaching or even good coaching, these players have given it their all to give the fans a reason to cheer.

So now, let’s find out who won the awards

USA Today

Photo Courtesy of USA Today

Most Valuable Player Award:

Winner: Todd Gurley, Rams

Runner-Up: Carson Wentz, Eagles

Coming off a lousy performance in 2016, Gurley had the best 2017 season of an NFL Player. He helped first-year head coach Sean McVay, and second-year quarterback Jared Goff leads the league in offensive efficiency. They put on the most points this season, including 19 total touchdowns from Gurley. He added 2093 total yards and only 27 yards away from being the NFL’s leading rusher. With Gurley’s MVP, he’ll become the 16th running back in 60 years to win it. The last being Adrian Peterson as a Vikings.

Many people may argue that the real winner should be Wentz with the way he leads his team. Wentz completed 60.2 percent of his passes while throwing for 3296 passing yards, 33 Touchdowns, and 7 interceptions in only 12.5 games.

Rams Wire

Photo Courtesy of Rams Wire

Coach of the Year Award:

Winner: Sean McVay, Rams

Runner-Up: Doug Pederson, Eagles

You got to admit, you were laughing at the Rams for many years of being below. 500 under Jeff Fisher. Who’s laughing now? The Rams built a young team around their talented running back. But it wasn’t until they added a young coach like McVay to take them to the next level. McVay, 32, has set the Rams up to have a lot of success and playoff runs.

Although it can be argued that Pederson deserves it more after his team’s fantastic run to Super Bowl, Rams have been one of the worst teams in the past 10 years and to win their division in just one season with a new head coach. Pederson and the Eagles were proven to be the best team in the NFC, but we could likely see a new leader in the NFC West with McVay and these Rams.

sporting news

Photo Courtesy Of Sporting News

Defensive Player Of The Year:

Winner: Calais Campbell, Jaguars

Runner-Up: Aaron Donald, Rams

Calais Campbell leads his team all the way to the AFC Championship. He had a team-high 14.5 sacks this season which was tied for second in the NFL. Most importantly, Campbell is the defensive leader of the up and rising Jacksonville defense and rightfully so. The veteran defensive end is out to prove that he is better than Aaron Donald and this will allow him too.

CBS SPorts

Photo Courtesy Of CBS Sports

Offensive Player Of The Year:

Winner: Antonio Brown, Steelers

Runner-Up: Todd Gurley, Rams

When you’re the best receiver in the game, you deserve to be honored for it. In the case of Antonio Brown, that is no different. Brown helped lead his team to a 13-3 record and led the league in receiving yards as well. Brown had a league-leading 1533 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. He also missed two games at the end of the season and came back in the Divisional Playoffs to score two touchdowns.


Photo Courtesy Of NFL

Offensive Rookie Of The Year:

Winner: Kareem Hunt, Chiefs

Runner-Up: Alvin Kamara, Saints

The Rookie of the year could have been anybody from Fournette, Kamara or Hunt. All three teams played in at least one playoff game and were significant pieces to their team’s success on offense.

Hunt started out making all the noise and ended up being the league’s leading rusher with 1327 rushing yards and added 11 total touchdowns. Hunt also averaged the most rushed for the most yards per in the fourth quarter.

Although Kamara had 728 rushing yards, 826 receiving yards and 13 total touchdowns, you have to look at who means more to their team. And we can argue it’s Kamara, but without Hunt the Chiefs offense becomes on dimensional.


Photo Courtesy Of Sports Illustrated

Defensive Rookie Of The Year:

Winner: Marshon Lattimore, Saints

Runner-Up: Tre’Davious White, Bills

There’s no surprise here! Lattimore has shined for the Saints young defense and helped lead them to their first division title since 2011. He lead all rookies with five interceptions returning one for an 85-yard touchdown. He also got one fumble and 43 tackles. Who knows if Lattimore was covering Stephon Diggs on the last play, it could be the Saints in the Superbowl.


Photo Courtesy of Zimbio

Most Improved Player Of The Year:

Winner: Jared Goff, Rams

Runner-Up: Case Keenum, Vikings

Although Keenum and the Vikings had a tremendous season, you got to give this one to Goff.

Like Gurley and McVay, Goff deserves this because of the transformation he made from last season to this season. All of last he had seven losses and seven interceptions. This season he went 11-4 with 28 touchdowns and 7 interception. He also threw for 3804 yards.

The New York Times

Photo Courtesy Of The New York Times

Most Disappointing Player Of The Year:

Winner: Marcus Mariota, Titans

Runner-Up: Derek Carr, Raiders

Despite Mariota and the Tennessee Titans making playoffs, he is still the most disappointing player of the 2017 season.

Mariota had a career-low 13 touchdowns and career-high 15 interceptions while throwing for 3232 yards. Though he’s team finished the season 9-7 and won a playoff game, it wasn’t Mariota the reason why. He gave it to his duo running backs, DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry, who both put up numbers.

We’ll leave Carr alone for this season because he and his offense were injured a lot and that was the reason for their disappointment . The Titans had no reason for Mariota to struggle, or the receivers to drop the ball so much.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Los Angeles Chargers

Photo Courtesy Of Chargers Wire

Comeback Player Of The Year:

Winner: Keenan Allen, Chargers

Runner-Up: Case Keenum, Vikings

Let’s face it, after the last few season ending injuries for Keenan Allen, its only right to give him this award. Allen has a career-high 102 receptions and 1393 receiving yards while catching six touchdowns. These were all team highs by a landslide. Look out AFC West, Chargers looking to join the competition with a healthy Keenan Allen.

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Featured Image: Photo Courtesy of NFL


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