The 2018 NBA Trade Deadline is just a week away and will be here before you know it! And all the rumors will be put to rest until the offseason.

This past offseason was a busy one, as we saw 2018 All-Stars Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler change jerseys.

Irving was traded to the Boston Celtics and Butler was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Former All-Stars traded:

Paul George goes from Indiana Pacers to Oklahoma City Thunder

Carmelo Anthony goes from New York Knicks to Oklahoma City Thunder with George

Chris Paul goes from Los Angeles Clippers to Houston Rockets.

Dwight Howard goes from Atlanta Hawks to Charlotte Hornets.

We also saw other vital players get moved early in the season, Eric Bledsoe to Milwaukee Bucks from Phoenix Suns.

But the biggest shocker was the one the Clippers and Pistons just did.

Pistons Get: Blake Griffin, Brice Johnson, and Willie Reed

Clippers Get: Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic, a top-4 protected 2018 1st round pick, and a 2019 2nd round pick

Now that we are halfway through the season, we will be seeing more players get moved.

The Deadline for all trades is Feb. 8 at 3 p.m. ET.

Here are nine potential trades that could and should go down:

Sacramento Kings, Cleveland Cavaliers

Sacramento Gets: Iman Shumpert, Jose Calderon, and Channing Frye, and Draft consideration

Cleveland Gets: George Hill

All players received by Kings will likely be free agents this summer, while Hill will have two more years with the Cavaliers.

Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls:

Brooklyn Gets: Robin Lopez and Draft Consideration

Chicago Gets: DeMarre Carroll

Bulls need all kinds of help, and one position that is necessary for the Bulls is a solid small forward. Carroll would help the Bulls balance out their team full of guards. It may cost them a center, but let’s face it Brooklyn needs it much more.

Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz:

Portland Gets: Derrick Favors

Utah Gets: Meyers Leonard and Draft consideration

Utah will likely be losing Favors to free agency anyway, so at least get something back in return for him. Leonard isn’t much of a factor in the Blazers offense, but with this trade, he can have a more significant role in Utah playing as Rudy Gobert’s back up.

Washington Wizards, Denver Nuggets:

Washington Gets: Kenneth Faried, Emmanuel Mudiay

Denver Gets: Marcin Gortat, Jodie Meeks, and Draft consideration.

Nuggets have been looking into trading Faried since Paul Millsap signed with the team. Mudiay hasn’t been what the Nuggets were hoping for either. However, with the recent injury to John Wall, the Wizards need to find a temporary replacement, and Mudiay can help in the absence.

Gortat may be a tough one for the Wizards to let go, but to stay in the playoff hunt, they must get this done.

Milwaukee Bucks, Memphis Grizzlies:

Milwaukee Gets: Brandon Wright and draft consideration

Memphis Gets: Matthew Dellavedova

This is a much-needed trade for the Grizzlies who need a point guard for rest of the season after finding out Mike Conley will be out. Once the Bucks got Bledsoe in their trade, Dellavedova was the odd man out in the rotation, though he could be a two guard. That’s why this deal works best for the Grizzlies; they trade away an expiring contract and get a guard that can help Mario Chalmers in their rotation in hopes of turning their season around.

Wright could find his way in the Bucks rotation as the rebounding guy and get some added minutes, especially if the Bucks trade Jabari Parker.

Chicago Bulls, New Orleans Pelicans:

Chicago Gets: Omer Asik and Draft Consideration

New Orleans Gets: Nikola Mirotic

With the recent injury development of Pelicans DeMarcus Cousins, they will be looking to make a move to add an offense threat to help keep them in the playoff picture. Mirotic will void his no-trade-clause.

Sacramento Kings, New York Knicks:

Sacramento Gets: Kyle O’Quinn and draft consideration

New York Gets: Garrett Temple

This will help both teams add depth at positions they are weak in already. Knicks could use more depth at guard and can move someone into the three spot and hope that it can give them a push to make the playoffs.

Memphis Grizzlies, Philadelphia 76ers:

Memphis Gets: T.J. McConnell, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot

Philadelphia Gets: Tyreke Evans

Memphis has already said that they will seat Evans until a trade works out. Although it may be tough for the Sixers to go away with young talent, once Markelle Fultz and J.J. Reddick come back healthy, the Sixers could use Evans as a way to stretch the floor and even move Ben Simmons around in the lineup. For Memphis, they are looking to add more guards to help in the rotation since Mike Conley is out of the season.

Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks:

Los Angeles Get: Joakim Noah

New York Get: Luol Deng

Lakers don’t have a backup center behind Brook Lopez which force them to play Julius Randle at the five. Noah would help with the Lakers depth and allow them to figure out a way to get Randle, Nance, Kuzma, and Ingram to play together with Lonzo Ball and Jordan Clarkson. We don’t expect the Lakers to break up the core, but then again, they did trade D’Angelo Russell.

The Knicks had four centers on their rosters and needed to trade them away for anything that’s helpful. Deng could play a part in the Knicks rotation.

What’s your thoughts on these trades and other trades not mentioned, comment below?

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Featured Image: Photo Courtesy of Sporting News

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