Rockets guard James Harden has made a name for himself since joining Houston in 2012.

Harden was a former sixth man for the Oklahoma City Thunder before being traded to the Rockets.

At which time, former NBA guard Gilbert Arenas warned the NBA about Harden’s abilities. Arenas said that Harden was the second-most important player on that Thunder’s team that made it to the Finals, after Kevin Durant, and before Russell Westbrook.

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While all three members of that Thunder team are no longer together, Durant and Westbrook have picked up a league MVP, now it’s Harden’s turn.

Since the trade, he has become a six-time NBA All-Star and a top-five player in the league every year.

Last year, he fell short of reaching the NBA Finals and capturing the league MVP.

The Rockets are hoping to finally make it to the Finals this year, but Harden will definitely be league MVP.

We saw him battle reigning MVP, Russell Westbrook, all last season and came up short.

This season, Harden is out to prove that he’s the best. He and now teammate Chris Paul are seemingly unbeatable when the two start games together.

Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

But in the Rockets’ 114-107 win over the Orlando Magic, Harden had to go and win without Paul, who was out with a groin injury.  Trevor Ariza and Eric Gordon were also sidelined during this game.

So Harden picked up the scoring and playmaking in a huge way. He got a new career-high and a triple-double in the game.

Harden put up a career-high 60 points, 10 rebounds, and 11 assists to become the first NBA player to ever record a 60-point triple-double. He also added four steals and a block, while shooting 19-of-30 from the field.

The previous high for a triple-double game was 57 by Westbrook last season.

The triple-double wasn’t the only first ever for Harden. He was also the first Rocket to ever score 60 points, moving past Calvin Murphy’s 57 on the franchise’s all-time list.

We expect to see the NBA’s MVP to be James Harden because of the way he has lead his team to the top of the league and conference. Harden leads all players in points per game with 31.6 at this point in the season. Though the Rockets are the second-best team in the league, they own two victories over the Warriors and could possibly beat them in a 7 game series.

I know I would love to see Harden win the MVP and knock out the Warriors. Would you?

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