Nike has now come out with their latest set of jerseys. Dubbed the “City Collection”, each of them pretty unique to each of the teams and the cities they play in. Here’s a ranking of all jerseys that have been released so with some information and insight on the designs.


  1. Los Angeles Lakers

lakers jersey

It’s only fitting that Kobe Bryant would have something to do with this jersey. The black pattern is similar to the Black Mamba design and has stars going down the side of the jersey representing all the championships the Lakers have won.

2. Memphis Grizzlies

grizzlies jerseyThe jersey was inspired by the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike ‘I Am A Man’ slogans. It is very crisp and clean with the black lettering.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder

thunder jersey.jpgThe dark grey at the top fading into the light grey at the bottom is sweet. Add the two Thunder colors going from the front and wrapping around the side and you have yourself a jersey you’ll wish OKC rocks every night.

4. New York Knicks

knicks jerseyArguably one of the cooler designs from the “City” collection. The Knicks jersey sports a firefighter symbol paying tribute to the New York Fire Department. There’s also the saying “I’m walkin’ Here!” referencing one of the most well known quotes from New Yorkers.

5. Washington Wizards

wizards jerseyThe Wizards’ new jersey celebrates the District of Columbia. The sides of the jersey have a marble pattern which emulates the iconic Washington Monument. The red basketball dotting the “i” in District is also a nice touch.

6. Orlando Magic

magic jerseyThe starry galaxy look to the jersey is something out of a “create a jersey mode” in a video game. The Blue and black compliment each other nicely along with the cluster of stars. Also goes very well because the Magic have stars in their logo.

7. Utah Jazz

jazz jerseyThe Jazz hands down have one of the more colorful jerseys in this new collection. The cascading sunset style colors symbolize the natural beauty of the mountainous region. The slogan “We are Utah” hovers over the bottom tag highlighting the togetherness of the Utah fan base.

8. Charlotte Hornets

hornets jerseyThe black lettering with white trim on a black jersey will never not be cool. The sides mimic the pattern of hornets wings while the bottom has the team anthem “Enter the Swarm”.

9. Golden State Warriors

warriors jerseyThe Warriors’ jersey pays tribute to the rich Chinese culture that the Bay area has. Classic Chinese symbolism is mixed with the Warriors Golden Gate logo and the word “Prosperity” is written above the bottom. The Chinese symbol for prosperity is also written on the belt buckle.

10. Sacramento Kings

kings jerseyThe Kings have had some pretty slick jerseys since the NBA changed to Nike and their City collection jersey is no different. it pays homage to the old kings colors and jersey with the blue, red and white. The Lion basketball emblem which is a fan favorite is on one of their jerseys for the first time ever.

11. Brooklyn Nets

nets jerseyThe Nets have truly embraced their new home in Brooklyn over the last few years and this jersey shows just that. They keep the traditional black & white colors however there is a graphic wiring pattern inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge’s design. “Brooklyn Unite” is written above the bottom tag. It does feel too crowded with the entire team name on the jersey though.

12.  Miami Heat

heat jerseyMiami comes through with a “Miami Vice” style uniforms. The only thing that would make these jerseys sicker is if they glowed in the dark.

13. Philadelphia 76ers

sixers jerseyPhiladelphia is city not only rich in sports history but also American History. The jersey has lettering that mimics the writing from the Declaration of Independence. “Unite of Die” is written above the bottom tag.

14. Minnesota Timberwolves

wolves jerseyThe Timberwolves go with a greyed out jersey which looks kind of like the fur of a wolf. The dark grey pattern on the side as well as the bold white “Wolves” across the chest really make the jersey pop.

15. New Orleans Pelicans

pelicans jersey.jpgThe Pelicans come through with a Mardi Gras style jersey which include some bold colors and stylistic font for the numbers. These jerseys will only be worn by New Orleans during the Carnival season.

16. Milwaukee Bucks

bucks jerseyThe Bucks jersey comes through with a creamish color with green, black and blue stripes. The jersey looks like a mixture of their former road green jersey and their black alternate one with the picture of the deer on the front.

17. Denver Nuggets

nuggets jersey.jpgThe Nuggets’ City jersey is something we’ve seen before. Their sleeved all white jersey had the same design. This jersey however has the gold pick axes and gold & white mountains.

18. Detroit Pistons

pistons jerseyNothing flashy here for a Detroit franchise that has never been one to be flashy. Solid dark blue jersey with the silver lettering and stripes make it a very compact looking jersey.

19. Atlanta Hawks

hawks jerseyThe hawks continue with their edgy uniform looks as they go with a new school spin on an old school classic. The jersey style is similar to their 70’s jerseys while the neon-ish coloring takes inspiration from the city’s  music industry.

20. Los Angeles Clippers

clippers jerseyThe Clips give a shoutout to their past with this jersey. The jersey is a nod to when the team played in San Diego and were called the San Diego Clippers. The blue and orange remind me of the Flint Michigan Tropics.

21. Boston Celtics

celtics jerseyThe Celtics give a nod to their rich basketball history as the jersey is patterned after the iconic parquet hardwood floor. The belt buckle has a replica of their 2008 championship banner.

22. Chicago Bulls

bulls jerseyThe Bulls City jersey is a mix of their logo and the city flag. The iconic cursive “Chicago” graces the front of the jersey while the color scheme and stars represent the flag.

23. Phoenix Suns

suns jerseyThe city of Phoenix has a strong Hispanic presence and culture and that’s exactly what the Suns showed with this jersey. The jersey is all purple and was inspired by the Phoenix constellation.

24. San Antonio Spurs

spurs jerseyThe Spurs have always had a great relationship with the armed forces and this jersey is no different. It’s not the first time the Spurs have gone with a camo-colored jersey before. This jersey pays tribute to the U.S. Army Combat Uniform.

25. Portland Trailblazers

blazers jersey

The plaid pattern on the jersey pays respect to former coach Jack Ramsay’s wardrobe. The iconic nickname “Rip City” is across the chest in red as red stripes go down the sides. “Est. 1970″is above the bottom tag symbolizing when the team came into the league.

26. Dallas Mavericks

mavs jerseyThe downtown Dallas skyline is represented by the neon glowing lines and number/letter text. “Only in Dallas” is written above the bottom tag.

27. Cleveland Cavaliers

cavs jerseyThe Cavs get a grey look to their jersey with a yellowish-gold going down the side as well as their logo. The city’s nickname “The Land” is across the chest and “Defend” is above the bottom tag.

28. Indiana Pacers

pacers jerseyIndiana’s City jersey gives tribute to the city’s rich history of automobile racing. Most famously the Indy Checkered pattern goes down the jersey while the circled numbers mimic the classic racecars.

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