On Saturday, December 9, Major League Baseball announced it’s first blockbuster trade of the 2017-2018 offseason. This deal just helped the rich get richer when the New York Yankees managed to add another power bat to their already robust lineup.
As history shows, the Yankees are one of the league’s most historic organizations, and they have the most World Series wins (27). That’s nearly as much as the next three teams below them combined (Cardinals-11, Athletics-9, Giants-8).

You could say that the Yankees have had a lot of success when it comes to winning the pennant, and this trade will give them a much more explosive offense than they had the past couple of seasons.

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The Trade:Yankees send infielder, Starlin Castro along with prospects, Jorge Guzman and Jose Devers to the Marlins for the NL MVP and four-time All-Star, Giancarlo Stanton.

Stanton is still owed $295 million over the next ten years, and the Marlins have agreed to kick in $30 million as part of the trade deal.

What this means for the Yankees:

If you think that’s a precious contract, just remember what the Yankees already have on their roster.

AL Rookie of the Year Aaron Judge, who lead the American League in home runs, is also on the Yankees and his homer run partner Gary Sanchez is too. Now that’s got to be a great welcome back to the new manager, Aaron Boone.

New York Yankees v Oakland Athletics
MLB NBC Sports

It is kind of ironic that the trade took place between the Yankees and one of their former captains, Derek Jeter. Jeter played his entire baseball career with the Yankees before recently retiring and buying into part ownership of the Miami Marlins organization.

Though, it shouldn’t come as no surprise that this trade was made because it isn’t the first time that the Yankees have traded for the reigning MVP of their respective league.

Remember the A-Rod trade from 2003?

USA Today

The Yankees acquired Alex Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers after his MVP season. That was another trade that was involved around Jeter, as both Jeter and A-Rod played shortstop before Rodriguez switched to third when he arrived in New York. We could expect the Yankees outfield to shift around this season with Judge,  Stanton, and possibly Aaron Hicks.

What does this mean for the Marlins?

Sun Sentinel

It is clear that both Jeter and Bruce Sherman are looking for the best possible moves to make the Marlins into a contender sooner, but there’s something fishy going on in Miami.

Stanton is the second all-star to be dealt within less than a week. Marlins also traded their second basemen, Dee Gordon, to the Seattle Mariners for three prospects. So apart from Jeter’s influence, the acquisition of Starlin Castro was a much-needed addition.

Miami Herald

Of course, Stanton like many other great players will get to chance to play on a Yankees team who’s ready to win it all again. Stanton has been with the Marlins for eight seasons and had yet to make a playoff appearance.

He’s hoping that his career .268 batting average with 267 home runs and 672 RBIs will be all the Yankees need to be crowned the Champs; the Yankees reached Game 7 of the American League Championship Series last season.

Is this the best possible trade for both teams? How will Stanton fit in with an already set outfield? Who plays left, center and right? Could we see Stanton playing a little bit of left field instead of his usual position at right or will it be Judge making a move? Does it make a difference?

All these questions will be answered Opening night on April 2 and continued to be talked about until the Yankees swing their way back to the World Series.

Header Photo: New York Post

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