Another solid night, as long as your stayed away from the cover boy landmine, Boogie. Fire values were all over the cheat sheet last night.  Most of us still put up the usual 300 plus Draft Kings score.  Determining value, you can use this simple calculation. A 6x or better on all 8 players salary, will help you get to 300 and above each night. For example, last night Jerami Grant 3.4K, who scored 24.75 DK points, yielded over a 7K value, 7.27 to be exact.  Now for the 50K salary we start with, let’s find the 8 that fit the nightly puzzle. For FanDuel, the values are very similar, their prices are just different. Fantasy Draft has a 100K salary, so you would just double it. Each night you can quickly check my chart with highlighted values. Green = Top Plays, Orange= Good Plays, Grey= Sleepers or lower owned plays. Fades will not show up anywhere in the chart.  Stay updated on all the last minute lineup changes, by following me on Twitter @LittleDannyDfs.  Subscribe this month to and be automatically entered for a chance to win a gift card. An keep an eye out for the big things happening @ForwardMile and @ForwardMileNBA.

        Atlanta Hawks       100           8-         109        Detroit Pistons
     Vegas Odds/Projections    Stanley Johnson Out
         Jon Leur Out
          Draft Kings                Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
  John Collins PF/C 5.1K       Tobias Harris F 12.3K
 A. Drummond PF/C 8.8K   A. Drummond F 16.2K
  A. Bradley PG/SG 5.8K     
 Tobias Harris SF/PF 6.6K
       Ish Smith G 6.9K
    Charlotte Hornets     100             4           104         Boston Celtics
  Treveon Graham Out      Vegas Odds/Projections       Al Horford Out
   Jayson Tatum will play
          Draft Kings                Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
  Kyrie Irving PG 8.4K
 Marcus Smart PG/SG 5.7K     Marcus Smart SG 5.9K   Marcus Smart G 11.2K
     Jaylen Brown SF 5.5K    Austin Baynes F 8.2K
   Daniel Thies PF/C 3K       Daniel Thies PF 3.4K      Daniel Thies F 6K
         Indiana Pacers       104           5          100         Chicago Bulls
      Domonta Sabonis?     Vegas Odds/Projections      David Nwaba Out
     Robin Lopez ?/Prob
           Draft Kings                 Fan Duel           Fantasy Draft
  Myles Turner PF/C 7.1K   Myles Turner F 13.1K 
 D. Valentine SG/SF 4.3K    Denzel Valentine SF 4.3K Denzel Valentine F 8.4K
 Jerian Grant PG/SG 4.8K       Bobby Portis PF 5K  B. Bogdanovich F 4.9K 
B. Bogdanovich SG/SF 4.7K    B. Bogdanovich SF 4.6K   Jerian Grant G 9.2K
   Kris Dunn PG/SG 4.7K     Kris Dunn G 9.2K
     Milwaukee Bucks      106           5-           100     San Antonio Spurs
   Eric Bledsoe will Start      Vegas Odds/Projections
          Draft Kings               Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
    Giannis SF/PF 10.5K        Giannis F 20.2K
 Kris Middleton SG/SF 6.7K       Giannis SF/PF 11.8K   Kris Middleton F 12.9K 
    Pau Gasol PF/C 5.8K      Pau Gasol PF/C 6.3K    Pau Gasol F 11.4K
  Los Angeles Clippers      101            6           107  Oklahoma City Thunder
   Patrick Beverley Out     Vegas Odds/Projections   Stephen Adams ?
    Danilo Galinari Out
           Draft Kings                 Fan Duel           Fantasy Draft
   Jerami Grant SF/PF 3.5K      Jerami Grant F 7.3K
 Lou Williams PG/SG 5.2K     Lou Williams SG 5.5K     Paul George F 12.9K  
  Paul George SF/PF 7.3K      Jerami Grant F 4.5K    Lou Williams G 9.8K
      Orlando Magic      114           4           110          Phoenix Suns
    Vegas Odds/Projections    Tyson Chandler Out
           Draft Kings                 Fan Duel           Fantasy Draft
  Aaron Gordon SF/PF 7.6K         Alex Len C 4.4K     Aaron Gordon F 13.7k
 Evan Fournier SG/SF 7.2K              Alex Len F 9.6K
     Alex Len PF/C 4.9K    Evan Founier SG 6.8K      Josh Jackson G 7.6K
  T.J. Warren SF/PF 6.3K    Aaron Gordon PF 7.8K    Devin Booker G 14.4K
   Jared Dudley PF 3.4K    Jared Dudley PF 3.3K     Jared Dudley F 7.1k
         Miami Heat       97            3            100            Utah Jazz
 Tyler Johnson Probable     Vegas Odds/Projections
           Draft Kings                 Fan Duel           Fantasy Draft
  D.Mitchell PG/SG 5.2K   Donovan Mitchell  SG 5.1K   D.Mitchell PG/SG 5.2K
 Gordon Dragic PG 6.8K  Gordon Dragic PG 6.7K   Gordon Dragic PG 6.8K
       Brooklyn Nets      107           8            115    Portland Trail Blazers
   R. Hollis-Jefferson ??     Vegas Odds/Projections
           Draft Kings                 Fan Duel           Fantasy Draft
Damian Lillard PG 9.4K   Damian Lillard PG 17.3K
  Caris LeVert SG/SF 4.5K       D. Carroll SF 5.3K   C.J. McCullum SG 13.2K
    D. Carroll SF/PF 5.8K     Caris LeVert SG 4.9K    Jusuf Nurkic C 12.2K
     Jusuf Nurkic C 6.8K    Caris Levert G 8.8K
 Evan Turner SG/SF 4.2K      Evan Turner SF 4.5K    Evan Turner F 8.2K

Good Luck! Let’s have a Gonzo night!


Photo Credit: Stacy Revere Getty Images


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