Tuesday was so close, between listening to my own cheat sheet, or playing bigger contests. The gonzo was in in play, 337 was my score on DraftKings. If I would have played FanDuel or FantasyDraft, I would have done even better. I hope those of you who read Tuesday’s article also did well. Check it out, in a $444 entry, that lineup would have scored the $100K the top prize. Now if I would have plugged in the values I wrote about in the article, I could have scored in the 360’s. Instead, I did very well in some smaller contests. And now its time to hit the gonzo.  Having a bankroll to enter bigger entries increase your chances of hitting that big prize. Hoping my daily cheat sheet can help you construct the perfect puzzle. If you haven’t subscribed to FactFictFant.com, sign up this month and be automatically entered to win an NBA.com gift card. As always, get up to tip-off injuries and news by following me @LittleDannyDFS and check out the big things happening @ForwardMile. Let’s take a look at tonight’s slate.  In the chart below Green= Top Plays, Orange= Good, Grey= Sleepers.

     Los Angeles Lakers      107          10         117   Washington Wizards
  L. Nance Jr. Out (Thumb)      Vegas Odds/Projections
          Draft Kings                Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
 Markieff Morris PF 4.4K  Markieff Morris PF 4.5K     John Wall G 18.5K
   John Wall PG/SG 9.5K    Brook Lopez F 11.6K
     Brook Lopez C 6.1K   Markeiff Morris F 8.9K
  J. Clarkson PG/SG 4.4K       J. Clarkson SG 4.4 K   Kevin Kuzma F 11.4K   
    Lonzo Ball PG 6.1K      Lonzo Ball G 12.3K

Daily Mindset: The Lakers give up a ton of fantasy points to everyone except the shoot guard. Sorry no Bradley Beal, lots of other likes in this game, even Lonzo Ball might show up.

 New Orleans Pelicans      105             6           111        Toronto Raptors
     Vegas Odds/Projections
          Draft Kings                Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
Boogie Cousins PF/C 11.2K  Boogie Cousins F 20.3K
  Jrue Holiday PG/SG 6.3K      All Higher Priced Here  Anthony Davis F 20.7K
 Demar DeRozen SG 7.2K    Demar DeRozen G 14.3K
  Anthony Davis PF/C 11K      Kyle Lowery G 13.6K

DM: Depending on which site your playing, will determine how much exposure you will have in this game.

         Cleveland Cavs     112            5           117      Houston Rockets
           Rose is Out     Vegas Odds/Projections     Chris Paul Still Out
   Tristan Thompson Out
           Draft Kings                 Fan Duel           Fantasy Draft
 Dwayne Wade PG/SG 4.8K   Dwayne Wade PG/SG 4.8K   Kevin Love F 13.3K
    JR Smith PG/SG 3.7K      Kevin Love C 7.3K   Lebron James F 20.4
 Eric Gordon SG 6.5K    James Harden SG 11.2K      JR Smith G 7.2K
  Kevin Love PF/C 7.4K     Eric Gordon SG 6.3K   Dwayne Wade G 8.9K
   PJ Tucker SF/PF 3.7K     Iman Shumpert SG 3K

DM: Few different ways to use this game. I like some of the value and Love has been good to me.

    Philadelphia 76ers      106           6            100       Sacramento Kings
 Jerryd Bayless Out (Wrist)      Vegas Odds/Projections
          Draft Kings               Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
  Ben Simmons PG/SF 9K     Joel Embid F 14.1 K
   D’Aaron Fox PG 4.9K      Zach Randolph F 9.4K
 Zach Randolph  PF/C 5.2K     Zach Randolph PF 4.7K

DM: With the Kings slow place, I think the total here is a little high. Simmons gets his along with Fox and Z BO. Not much more after that.

  Oklahoma City Thunder     109            1            108       Denver Nuggets
    Vegas Odds/Projections
           Draft Kings                 Fan Duel           Fantasy Draft
     Nikola Jokic F 15K
  Nikola Jokic C 8.6K      Wil Barton G 11K    
 Wil Barton SG/SF 5.7K    Paul George F 13.3K
 Gary Harris SG 5.2 K
 Jerami Grant SF/PF 3.4K  Emmanuel Mudiay PG 4.4K     Jerami Grant F 6.6K

DM: In some spots I will pay more for guys on Fan Duel. But in this game, I don’t see any true value over there. Maybe Mudiay who was horrible last game, could make a decent play tonight.

Good Luck! Let’s have a Gonzo night!


Photo Credit: Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images



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