Today is going to be a Gonzo Day! At least I tell myself that, for somebody playing DFS it happens regularly. Friends of mine and others, by just checking my cheat sheet with their nightly plays, are hitting gonzos. I personally have been doing good, just nothing I would call gonzo.  My write-ups are not very long and boring. However, I do spend plenty of time researching a slate and providing the information that is available. I will add at the bottom of each game a (DM) Daily Mindset, the angle for how I am attacking that game. Color coded below in the charts are plays for Draft Kings, FanDuel, and Fantasy Draft.(Green= Top Play, Orange= Good Play, Grey= Sleepers)  Every night I can play, I also try to help. But if I’m short on time, you can find the info on my twitter @LittleDannyDfs. Subscribe this month to and receive a free entry to win a gift card.

       Dallas Mavericks     102              9-            111    Washington Wizards
    Vegas Odds/Projections     John Wall will Play
           Draft Kings                 Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
     J.J. Barea PG/SG 4.4K            J.J. Barea PG 4K

DM:  Wizards at home should route. I won’t have too much exposure to this game at all.

     Milwaukee Bucks     107              5-             112        Cleveland Cavs
E. Bledsoe via Trade for      Vegas Odds/Projections     Rose 28-31 Min. Limit
 1st Rd Pick and G.Monroe
          Draft Kings                Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
 Kris Middleton SG/SF 7K     Kris Middleton SF 7.5K    Kris Middleton G 12.3K
  Kevin Love PF/C  7.5 K      Derek Rose PG 4.5K    Derek Rose G 9.9K  
   Derek Rose PG 4.8K      Dwayne Wade SG 4.6K    Dwayne Wade 9.2K
  Dwayne Wade SG 4.8K         Kevin Love C 7K     Kevin Love F 12.9K
   Tony Snell SG/SF 3.6K         Tony Snell SF 4K      Tony Snell 7.1K

DM: Outstanding game to watch, Lebron vs Giannis. And I love Giannis, but Middleton has been seeing some serious usage. Lots from this game will be owned by the the public, I’m going to pick my spots, with Love.

    New Orleans Pelicans     110             2              108        Indiana Pacers
    Vegas Odds/Projections         Sabonis is Out
           Draft Kings                 Fan Duel           Fantasy Draft
  Victor Olidipo PG/SG 8K     Victor Olidipo SG 7.3K  Boogie Cousins F 20.3K
    T. Young SF /PF 5.7K     Thaddeus Young PF 6.1K  Victor Olidipo  G 14.5K
 Boogie Cousins PF/C 11.5K
   Myles Turner C 7.1K

DM: The Pelicans big boys can score, but they also give up monster numbers to the other side. Vegas says it stays close, then Dipo has to be big.

         Chicago Bulls      95              11             106        Toronto Raptors
 Portis Back Mirotic Pissed      Vegas Odds/Projections
          Draft Kings               Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
  D. Valentine SG/SF 4.4K   Denzel Valentine SF 4.2K     Kris Dunn G 9.2K
   Kris Dunn PG/SG 4.7K       Bobby Portis  PF 3.4K

DM: Vegas gives the Bulls to much credit. Maybe they keep it within 11, if they do, expect Kris Dunn to show a flash of something, and Valentine to hit a couple 3’s.

     Charlotte Hornets    106               2             104      New York Knicks
    Vegas Odds/Projections
           Draft Kings                 Fan Duel           Fantasy Draft
  K. Porzingis PF/C 9.4K   Kristaps Porzingis PF 9.8K Kristaps Porzingis F 17.6K
  Kemba Walker PG 7.3K     Kemba Walker PG 7.4K Kemba Walker G 13.7K
 Jeremy Lamb SG/SF 5.9K

DM: Only play Kemba at Home, being from the Bronx and at Madison Square Garden it is the perfect spot. Put the unicorn Porzingis on the other side and what a ball game we got here.   

  Los Angeles Clippers     100               4             104      San Antonio Spurs
       D.Gallinari Q?      Vegas Odds/Projections
Then Maybe W. Johnson
          Draft Kings                Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
   Lou Williams SG 5K      Lou Williams SG 5K      Blake Griffin F 14.9K
  Deandre Jordan C 7K         Deandre Jordan F 12.6K
  Patty Mills PG/SG 3.9K     W. Johnson F 6.4K
  W. Johnson SG/SF 3.4K

DM: Gallinari is questionable, if he doesn’t play that would open up some value.

    Philadelphia 76ers      107             5-            112             Utah Jazz
     Joel Embid is Out      Vegas Odds/Projections
  Jerrod Bayless is Out
          Draft Kings                Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
 R. Covington SF/PF 9.3K    T. J. McConnell G 9.2K
   Ricky Rubio PG 6.9K  Robert Covington F 11.3K
    T.J. McConnell 4.8K   Robert Covington PF 6.3K     J.J. Redick G 8.6K
      J.J. Redick 4.5K        Ricky Rubio PG 7.1K      D.Mitchell G 8.8K
        Dario Saric PF 3.8K      Ricky Rubio 13.2K

DM: Ben Simmons is fantastic, but I’m not using him today. The price and upside for Bobby is just way too enticing. Dario is the other thought, but not tonight.

          Brooklyn Nets       109            12             121        Denver Nuggets
Hollis-Jefferson Out (Hip)      Vegas Odds/Projections
 Trevor Booker Out (Back)
            Draft Kings                Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
   Will Barton SG/SF 5.9K         Will Barton SG 5.7K    Will Barton G 10.9K
    E. Mudiay PG/SG 4.7K         Joe Harris SF 3.2K    Jamal Murray G 10K
  Caris LeVert SG/SF 4.6K         Caris LeVert SG 4.9K       Joe Harris G 6.8K
    D. Carroll SF/PF 5.5K         E. Mudiay PG 4.8K       E. Mudiay G 8.7K
   Joe Harris SG/SF 3.5K       D. Carroll F 11.5 K

DM: Short handed Nets on a back to back in the altitude, is enough to fade starters in this game. Joe Harris has been playing well and should pick up extra minutes. Finding the right value in Denver is tough, but Barton tends to shine in garbage time, and Mudiay playing his best ball.

Oklahoma City Thunder      107               11            96      Sacramento Kings
     Vegas Odds/Projections
          Draft Kings                Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
  D’Aaron Fox PG 5.3K                  NONE    D’Aaron Fox G 10.4K
 Stephen Adams F 10.8K
  Jerami Grant SF/PF 3.5K     Jerami Grant F 7.2K

DM: Another game with a big spread. Plus the Kings are dead last in pace of play. I can’t imagine this is the spot for Russ. Maybe Fox gets up for the game and has a night though.

    Memphis Grizzlies     99                 3              102 Portland Trail Blazers     
   Marc Gasol GTD? (Knee)      Vegas Odds/Projections
   Chalmers probable
          Draft Kings                Fan Duel          Fantasy Draft
   Mike Conley PG 7.1K      Mike Conley PG 7.2K      Mike Conley 13.9K
  Damian Lillard PG 8.7K     Damian Lillard 16K
 Dillon Brooks SG/SF 3.7K      Dillon Brooks SF 3.7K      Dillon Brooks F 7.2K
    Jusuf Nurkic C 6.4K

DM: This should be a battle to the end. Conley, Lillard, of course, but also Dillon Brooks. He can catch fire. Not sure if starting helps, but he has to score points.

Good Luck, Let’s have a Gonzo Night!



Photo Credit: Mike Lawrie Getty Images





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