When you think of NBA Championships, some of the greatest players come to mind. Over the past 17 years, we have seen many great, and future Hall of Famers shoot it out for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Ironically, the NBA’s most winningest franchise, Boston Celtics, have 17 titles alone. The next closest team is their biggest rival, the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers (16) and the Celtics are two of the most historic franchises, and they have a combined 33 out of a possible 70 NBA titles.

Lakers Nation

The Celtics and Lakers have been going head-to-head for many decades, but now the tides have changed. Neither of these teams has won in the past seven seasons, and that is because the NBA players have figured out how to win.

Since 2000, we have seen nine different NBA teams win the title due to the balance amongst the teams in the league. At least we thought it was balanced until teams started to form a “Big Three” superstar team.

Over the past ten years, we have seen it more than we could ever imagine. The Celtics started a new trend, and the other teams followed.


In the Summer of 2007, the Boston Celtics formed the first “Big Three” of the modern NBA era when they traded for superstar three-point specialist, Ray Allen, from the Seattle SuperSonics in exchange for the No. 5 pick of 2007 draft, Jeff Green. They paired Allen alongside Celtics All-Star forward Paul Pierce. However, they wanted to make one more move – get Kevin Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves which they did when they traded six different players for him.

Celtics were known for their lineup of Superstars as they had another “Big Three” in the 80’s the lead to several classic titles runs. The 2007 Celtics “Big Three” were only able to get one title before the Lakers took the crown.


It all changed again in 2010 when the Miami Heat planned a “Big Three” of their own when three members of the 2003 NBA draft class decided to join forces for the next four seasons. Miami Heat All-Star guard, Dwayne Wade recruited his draft class buddies, LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chris Bosh from the Toronto Raptors. This version of the “Big Three” went to four straight NBA Finals and won two back-to-back titles.


After failing to get a three-peat, LeBron James decided to return to Cleveland where he formed another “Big Three” with the young star who was supposed to replace him, Kyrie Irving. The Cavaliers, then, traded the 2013 and 2014 No. 1 overall picks to the Minnesota Timberwolves (Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love).

At the same time, another team was emerging from the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors used the draft to build their “Big Three” of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

The Warriors went to the finals to face the Cavaliers for the past three years, winning two!

Last season, they added former Seattle Supersonic/Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star forward Kevin Durant.


With all the success of the NBA teams and the big three, this year is full of plenty of top superstar athletes all joining forces.


We have seen the Timberwolves make a trade for All-Star forward Jimmy Butler to make their own “Big Three” and pairing him with Andrew Wiggins and Karl- Anthony Towns.

USA Today

The Thunder made two different trades to get Paul George from the Indiana Pacers and Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks to pair them up with the reigning MVP, Russell Westbrook.

Let’s not forget about the changes that were made to the Cavaliers. Although they lost the 2017 NBA Championship, they are still one of the favorites to make it back to the Finals.


They added both Derrick Rose and Dwayne Wade to join LeBron James. The Cavaliers also traded Kyrie Irving to the Celtics for Jae Crowder, Isaiah Thomas and more.

The trade has set up a friendly fued for the fans to watch in the East, while the West tear each other down.

Who will be crowned the Kings of the NBA in the 2017-2018 season? Stay Tune this season to find out and watch some fantastic basketball.


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