Gonzo Day, was more like Bizarro night. First, without any prior notice, a late game scratch of Jimmy Butler. The earliest alert I had, was way too late. Auto play in my lineups, was the ultimate burn, a zero. At that point in the night, your about done. High ownership and straight fire on the rest of my guys, gave me hope. So I buckled down for the night cap. Brow and Boogie left to play, plenty of rooting interest. 5 minutes into the game Anthony Davis bumps knees in the lane, and limps thru the next possession. Locker room, game over, never returned. Wow! Not only did I write up Jimmy but Brow too. Immediately, I issued myself a 1 game suspension.  Take note ZEKE, I did not appeal it, and served it yesterday.  Looking at the slate on Thursday, there is 5 games on the board. I will break down each game, and provide spot plays and fades to help fit the perfect puzzle to your lineup. Follow me on twitter @LittleDannydfs and subscribe to FACTFICTFANT.com for updates, injuries, and lineup takes for all major sports.

      Dallas Mavericks       95                8            103

    Memphis Grizzlies

Top Plays :        Yogi Ferrell Vegas Odds/  Team Projection Top Plays :  Tyreke Evans
                        Dirk Nowitzki  Maybe Plays: Mark Gasol
Good Plays : Dennis Smith                        James Ennis
                   Harrison Barnes                        Mike Conley
      Boston Celtics     101               4            105     Milwaukee Bucks
Top Plays:    Al Horford Vegas Odds/  Team Projection Top Plays :   Giannis
                  Jaylen Brown          Malcolm Brogdon
Value :     Marcus Smart             (If They Play)     
         Atlanta Hawks     100              3             103          Chicago Bulls
Top Plays : K. Bazemore Vegas Odds/  Team Projection Top Plays :  L. Markannen
Good Plays :  John Collins Good Plays :  Denzel Valentine
                                          Justin Holiday
           LA CLippers       105             2.5           107    Portland Trail Blazers
Top Plays :     Lou Williams Vegas Odds/  Team Projection Top Plays :  Jusuf Nurkic
Good Plays :  Austin Rivers Good Plays: C J McCullum
                  Patrick Beverley                  Maurice Harkless
                  Deandre Jordan                       Evan Turner
  New Orleans Pelicans      105             2.5           107        Sacramento Kings
Top Plays :  Boogie Cousins Vegas Odds/  Team Projection Top Play :  De’Aaron Fox
                         Jrue Holiday         (No Anthony Davis)
                        Maybe Plays : Z. Randolph
                                           Kosta Koufos

Good luck let’s have a Night!


Photo Credit : Chicago Bulls Subreddit


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