The Phoenix Suns are bad. Astoundingly bad.  They have lost their first three games by a combined 92 two points, or more than thirty points per game. After just three games, Phoenix’s front-office decided to hit the big red button, and fired their head coach three games into the season.  With failure on the mind, the Phoenix Suns’ front office has decided to just give up, and forfeiting the remaining 79 games of the season.

The best player on their team, Eric Bledsoe, has requested a trade, with all the subtlety of a freight train. After tweeting “I don’t wanna be here” last night, Bledsoe was sent home before shoot-around today.

This is bad for the Suns. They’re a team with a ton of young talent, in the form of Eric Bledsoe and Devin Booker, but the franchise is now self-destructing, as they plan to trade away Bledsoe as soon as possible.

After it was announced that Bledsoe would not play in Monday night’s game against the Sacramento Kings, Suns’ owner Robert Sarver announced that team would forfeit the remaining seventy-nine games. “It’ll save us some embarrassment,” Sarver said. “At least we can lock down a lottery pick!”

Season ticket holders were disheartened, to say the least. But, let’s be honest, what were they expecting out of this season?

Photo Credit- Christian Petersen/Getty Images


Written by Liam Griffin

135 pounds of fury.

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