Exactly two weeks before Halloween, and all the ghouls and goblins fill the streets of Downtown Cleveland, there’ll be another kind of monster coming to Cleveland. But this isn’t your average spookster. This monster is particularly gruesome, and has seemingly instilled some fear into the most fearless King of Cleveland, LeBron James. This monster goes by the name of Kyrie Irving.


Almost a full week before Tuesday’s highly anticipated showdown against his running mate turned rival, LeBron’s status for opening night was reported unknown by Cleveland.com’s Joe Vardon. When asked if there was a reason to be concerned about the opener, a very concerned Tyron Lue looked away before replying “not sure”. While Lue didn’t seem bothered, NBA fans around the world are concerned the best player in the league might be sitting out. But is there something more to consider? Could LeBron be intimidated by the gravity of this matchup?

Back in late 2015, LeBron’s second season back in Cleveland, Kyrie was rehabbing from the injury that ended his first trip to the NBA Finals in overtime of game 1. During that process, LeBron and Kyrie would play 1-on-1 in practice regularly. According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, these games weren’t even close and Kyrie “destroyed” LeBron. A crucial point in their relationship, LeBron’s defeat being reported by team sources could have been the first chink in the King’s armor from a future foe. With the impending matchup on Tuesday, we could see that result from their 1-on-1 matchup play out in real time.

While most fans of the Cavaliers and Celtics are looking to the NBA’s season opener as a litmus test of where their respective teams stand, those of us that are highly interested in this budding rivalry between the King and a potential usurper are anxiously waiting for this duel to go down. Since LeBron is regarded as one of the most elite defenders in the league, and Kyrie as one of the elite individual scorers, we have the unmovable object VS. the unstoppable force scenario to enjoy looking forward to. There are still a few questions remaining: Will LeBron will back out?  If he  We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see!



Written by Moses The Prophet

I love hoops.

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