This year with the NFL being so unpredictable it makes it hard to win bets. However there is opportunity to hit some big ones betting on underdogs. This week there is a couple underdogs I think that will hopefully win. I don’t know what Vegas makes their spreads on but there are a couple games where I think betting on the underdog to win would be well worth the payout. To simplify this for people that don’t know much about betting on football, one team is the favorite to win and the other team is the underdog. If you choose to bet on the underdog to win, the payout is more. These teams I think have an especially large chance to win, and I’d like to call my shot if you will. I obviously don’t know what is going to happen, I just think these are good underdog teams to bet on this week.


Bills +3

The past two weeks the Bills have beaten the Broncos and the Falcons. Both are very good football teams, teams that in my eyes are a lot better than the Bengals. The Bengals have looked terrible this year. I’m not even going to count last week against the Browns. The Bills defense keeps them in games and they’re confident right now. Once they get at Dalton a little bit they are going to go back to early season form when they couldn’t score a touchdown in two games. The Bills just went on the road and beat the Falcons. The Bills know that the Patriots aren’t playing as well as they normally do, and they could actually win their division. This team really could turn this season into a very successful one. If they win this game they go on to face the patriots for first place. I have that game circled on my calendar. But first let’s see if the Bills are the real deal, and take care of business on the road this week against the Bengals.

Photo Courtesy of Bills Wire – USA Today
Packers +2

This is the game of the week for the 4 o’clock spot. The Packers versus The Cowboys. People seemed to have forgot how badly the Cowboys played a few weeks ago, and how inconsistent they have looked all year. People also seemed to have forgotten about Aaron Rodgers. I don’t see how you can take the Cowboys over the Packers ever. Rodgers is always going to do his thing keeping them in games and I just don’t think the Cowboy offense can keep up with them. The Packers offensive line has struggled like it always has and they’re starting running back probably won’t play but I still see Rodgers taking this one.

Photo Courtesy of The Denver Post
Ravens +2.5

I actually feel bad for the Raiders. Last year Carr got injured with only a few weeks left until the playoffs began. Now in the AFC West, the toughest division in the NFL, The raiders have to be perfect with to hold onto their playoff dreams. This week with Carr being out and the Ravens coming off a couple terrible losses I think they have a chance to turn it around and steal this game in Oakland. EJ Manuel played decently when Carr went down against the Broncos. Khalil Mack keeps the Raiders in ball games. I see this game going in the other direction, though. I see the Ravens forcing several turnovers against Manuel and winning this game.

Photo Courtesy of Ravens Wire

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