Everyone knows almost all superheroes have an alter ego. Clark Kent goes from glasses wearing reporter to the man of steel that is Superman. Bruce Wayne goes from billionaire playboy to the dark knight, and Peter Parker goes from nerdy high schooler to the web-slinging Spiderman. So too is the case with NBA superstars donning their super hero personas on the court. Here are some of the more well-known alter egos of today’s superstars.


Hoodie Melo

hoodie melo

One of the newer alter-egos to the collection, Hoodie Melo has taken over social media this summer. Hoodie Melo refers to Carmelo Anthony’s workout attire. Just about every video of Melo working out on Instagram has him in a hoodie sweatshirt. Now what makes Hoodie Melo so unique is his ability to make countless shots in a row and make it look so effortless. Whether it’s straight on threes, baseline fade-aways or jelly layups, Hoodie Melo looks like a cheat code, a 99 overall, a Monstar or whatever you want to call him. At the Thunder media day Melo wore a hoodie under his new jersey and even wore the hoodie under his jersey at the team’s first scrimmage. Although it most likely goes against the league’s game apparel code it would be something to see Carmelo rocking the hoodie in a regular season primetime game.


Untucked Jersey Kyrie

untucked kyrie

There’s no denying that Kyrie Irving is one of the best pure scorers in the league. His ability to shoot from deep coupled with his ridiculously insane handles makes him almost impossible to defend. However when Kyrie has his jersey untucked in the back, his power levels almost exceed 9000 and God help anyone who has to defend him. Untucked Kyrie doesn’t make appearances often but when he does you’re in for a treat. Untucked Kyrie can best be remembered for his performance in game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals where he put up 26 points including a dagger three over Steph Curry late in the 4th quarter. Untucked Kyrie also made an appearance against the Celtics in last year’s playoffs as his 2nd and 3rd quarters of game 4 were sensational.


Black Mask LeBron

black mask
photo cred: Gus Lubin/Business Insider
This was the moment when LeBron fully embraced his villain role on the Miami Heat. King James donned a black face mask in a game against the Knicks to protect his recently broken nose. Traditionally players wearing facemasks would wear the all clear one. Richard “RIP” Hamilton wore one for the better part of his career. However, LeBron being the presence that he is brought out the all black mask to go along with the black jerseys the Heat were rocking that night. LeBron put up 31 points in the Heat victory. And although James did not wear the mask again, that night and that version of LeBron will live forever among true basketball fans.


Hennything is Possible J.R. Smith

Jr Smith celebrates at the Cleveland Cavaliers championship parade. (Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters)
Now J.R. Smith might be one of the most entertaining and frustrating players at the same time. Throughout his career J.R. has shown flashes where he can just take over the game with his 3-point shooting as well as his athleticism. But when J.R. gets in a groove he is lights out. He has the ability to put up 9 points in a flash and with every made 3-pointer during that time he seems to shoot it from further and further away. The problem with this version of J.R. Smith is once he gets in that mindset, it’s very hard to get him out of it. Sometimes it’s a good thing, while other times it’s really bad.


Rucker Park Kevin Durant


Rucker Park is one of if not the most famous basketball court in the world. Anyone that knows basketball has heard of the famous court in Harlem. Many great basketball legends and players have earned their stripes playing at that park. Over the past few years it has been a trend for current NBA players to play games there and have the game recorded. In 2015 Kevin Durant might have put on one of the greatest performances the park has ever seen when he dropped 66 points. There was a stretch where he came down and hit about four 3-pointers in a row and pretty much shut the park down as he was mobbed on the court by fans. The scary part about Rucker Park KD is that his regular form is not too far behind in terms of scoring ability.


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