Sophomore Donald De La Haye was going to be the kicker for the UCF football team…or so he thought. De La Haye started a YouTube channel called “Destroying” back in May of 2016. As of September 2017, he has reached over 200,000 subscribers. His videos surrounded the life of a student-athlete, comedy skits involving football, and daily vlogs. The NCAA did not take kindly to De La Haye using his football skills to make an income. De La Haye was given two choices; demonetize the videos and delete them, or lose eligibility and his D1 scholarship. De La Haye gave up his scholarship.

Response by De La Haye

De La Haye posted a video explaining the situation. In the video, he talked about what happened and how he felt about the situation. He seemed calm and composed in the video but specifically stated he was “torn apart” over the whole situation. He says the reason he chose YouTube over football was because he didn’t wasn’t the NCAA taking money that he worked hard for, money he put blood, sweat, and tears into. “I didn’t think it was fair what they wanted me to do, so I told them I wouldn’t do it” is what Donald said.

Response by Others

De La Haye mentioned on Outside the Lines with Bob Ley that Oakland Raiders punter, Marquette King, reached out to him amidst this situation. King is also known for his social media personality and popularity outside of his football life. King let De La Haye stay and train with him for a few days in Arizona. Videos from that weekend can be found on De La Haye’s channel.

What Does This Mean?

This means that De La Haye cannot play football at UCF. Since he cannot play football, he automatically loses his scholarship. As a result, he is struggling to pay for school. Another consequence of losing his eligibility is that the road to the NFL becomes much more difficult. There are players that start for 4 years in college and do not get drafted, De La Haye played 1 year. However, De La Haye has spent the summer traveling to training camps and receiving training to help him reach the NFL.

It is unclear at this time whether De La Haye will stay in college or if he will forgo and enter the draft.


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