Week 3 in the NFL started off with one of the best Thursday Night Football games ever. The Rams took care of business and actually look like a good NFL team.  Thursday night has disappointed football fans for a long time, but this week it started off with a bang.

Sunday started with a 9:30 game in London. The Ravens were the top defense in the league in the turnover category, and Blake Bortles is… Blake Bortles. I personally thought this game was a lock and a potential choice for my survival league. I really thought this was going to maybe be a 44-7 game, but I thought the Ravens would have been the one to dominate the Jaguars, not the other way around. But the NFL is full of surprises and this week was full of them. Which brings me to my first team that got exposed: The Baltimore Ravens.

Photo Courtesy of Midwestsportsfans.com

The Ravens defense had looked incredibly strong. They shut out the Bengals 20-0 in Week 1 and beat the Browns 24-10 in Week 2. The Jaguars just got smacked by the Titans, who are legit by the way, so I would have never saw this coming. The early weeks are always games where really anything can happen. After Week 3 some teams come out as being the favorites in their division or some just look bad, but this year has been really tough to call. Another team exposed was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Photo Courtesy of SB Nation

I feel bad for this one because the Bucs only played one week. But the hype on the Bucs was so high this offseason. They draft the top tight end O.J. Howard and added glorified stud Desean Jackson to an already potent offensive attack. They also appeared on Hard Knocks. Jameis Winston is a breakout candidate and still can be. This week was just super frustrating for people betting and fantasy owners of Bucaneers. I personally have Winston and Mike Evans in two leagues. I knew this was a tough matchup, and they didn’t even do that poorly but the Bucs as a team got torched by Case Keenum. That’s just inexcusable. Keenum is a career backup and you just shouldn’t let that guy beat you so in my eyes. Bucs, you got exposed.

The Steelers lost in overtime on two highlight reel plays. The Bears blocked and returned a field goal all way down to the 1 yard line before getting tackled from behind and fumbling the ball. They still ended up somehow winning against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are always a team that people think has a chance to make a run and maybe even win the Super Bowl. This week they just looked awful.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had a frustrating AFC championship game on Sunday.
Photo Courtesy of Peter Diana/ Post-Gazette 

I am a Bronco fan. I was so sure the Broncos were going to be terrible this year, I’m not a fan of Trevor Siemian. I really thought we were going to be the worst team in our division. So after Week 1, I felt good. After the Week 2 beat down on the Cowboys, I felt awesome. I thought Siemian looked great and I bet big on them against the Bills. I thought that was a lock and we were about to be 3-0. Of course Siemian proves me right and has his worst game of all time, completely exposing us for what we really are. Our offense stinks. Von Miller gets called for the stupidest personal foul ever and we lose.

Photo Courtesy of SB Nation

The biggest exposure of the week was the Dolphins. They lost to the Jets. The supposed worst team in the league. The Giants and Jets are a laughing stock of the league and I love it. I am a Bronco fan from New Jersey and a full blown New York hater when it comes to NFL teams. The Giants hype this offseason and their epic failure so far is amazing to me. But this is about the Dolphins knocking me out of my survival pool and getting exposed. I love Jay Cutler, obviously, I’m a Bronco fan remember. I love his arm talent and lazy demeanor, I’m really all about it. The Smokin Jay memes are my favorite, as you can tell if you visit my twitter (@slimbrink). I am a NFL Redzone owner like most of you should be. The game was pretty much never on. I also am a Jay Ajayi and Devante Parker fantasy owner. Jay Train did absolutely terrible in what I would have considered a dream matchup. So I’m following the gamecast from my phone and see that Jay Cutler is taking shots at the endzone with 20 seconds left down 20. Jay freaking Cutler throws the most ultimate garbage fantasy touchdown to Parker and almost made up for this terrible game. The Dolphins got exposed and exposed me for publicly calling them a lock on social media.


Every week I like to make picks about games, bets, and fantasy players. Let me know what other teams you think got exposed. Follow me on twitter again @slimbrink.


Written by slimbrink

Story Teller. Mind Speaker. Entertainer. Fantasy Football Lover/Hater

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