While NFL teams across the nation were protesting the national anthem this week, the Baltimore Ravens decided to take things a step further, by taking a knee for their entire game against the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday afternoon.

“The way we saw it, why stop at the national anthem? We should just use the entire game as a way to protest” said quarterback Joe Flacco, who eventually decided it was best to protest on the sideline bench during the 4th quarter.

Not everyone on the team decided to protest, however. Backup Ryan Mallett decided to stay on his feet and even managed to throw a touchdown pass in the 4th quarter.

“I don’t believe that was an appropriate time to protest, personally,” said Mallett after the game, “I support my teammates protesting for the entirety of the game, but I just didn’t think it was right.”

The Jaguars said after the game that they supported Baltimore’s choice to protest.

“Oh yeah, it’s really important that they protest. Specifically on this week. Any other week is fine, but this particular week is the perfect time to protest” said a snickering Blake Bortles after his team put up 44 points against the Ravens.

“I mean, if they don’t take that knee, change will never happen. And more importantly, we might not get the win today.”

After the game, the Ravens announced that they have cut the entire roster. In an even bigger showing of solidarity, the rest of the league has announced that they will refuse to sign anyone from the roster and insist it’s because they’re all just not good enough to play.


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