College Football has given us a lot of excitement in a very short time frame and there is no reason to assume the fun will stop anytime soon. Let’s take a brief look at who’s thrived and who’s faltered in the early stages of the season.

Stock Up: The Year Of The Quarterback

Quarterbacks have thrived in the early going. It is far too difficult for me to pick just one so I decided to lump them all together in this segment. Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson lead the way as they have separated from the rest of the Heisman field. These two are putting up prolific numbers and their teams are thriving on the field but they aren’t the only two QB’s starting off the year hot. Sam Darnold, Jake Fromm, Trace McSorley, Josh Rosen and Jalen Hurts are just a few other players who have wowed so far this season. It’s inevitable that some of these young players will struggle throughout the year but if they can all keep playing at a relatively similar level, the NFL Draft is going to be flush with talent at the most important position.

Stock Down: Ohio State Offense

This seems a bit dramatic as I’m sure the Buckeyes will be rolling along come December but you can’t ignore recent history and OSU has struggled mightily on offense of late. Starting with a poor showing against Michigan in The Game last season, J.T. Barret and the rest of the offense haven’t been able to get anything going. They were notoriously shut out against Clemson in the National Semifinal, struggled through three quarters against a talent deficient Indiana squad, and looked equally feeble at home against an Oklahoma side that they beat handily on the road last year. Given the immense talent on the roster and the quality of the coaching staff it’s safe to assume these struggles will be brief, but playing in College Football’s toughest division doesn’t give OSU much room for error moving forward.

Stock Up: Big-12?

I am at least slightly hesitant to buy into the resurgence of this downtrodden conference, as two weeks is hardly enough time to trumpet any definitive claims, but things are certainly trending up for the Big-12. Oklahoma will receive a ton of credit, and rightfully so, but TCU romping Arkansas on the road is another quality win that has gone unnoticed. Between those two teams, a gritty Kansas State side and an offensive Juggernaut in Stillwater, the conference is featuring four true contenders for the CFB Playoff. Texas needs to find some solid footing but if they can pull out a shocker over USC, the rise of the Big-12 might be upon us.

Stock Down: Notre Dame

It’s not so much the loss but rather the environment surrounding the loss that places ND on this list. The famed Golden Dome was looking down on a sea of red Saturday as Bulldog fans came out in droves to support their squad. The rich history of Notre Dame looked puny in comparison to the devotion of the Georgia faithful. This type of fan disinterest is a bad look for Kelly and the entire Notre Dame program as they try to rise from the ashes of last year’s 4-8 nightmare. It will take a resourceful group to bounce back from this loss and if ND isn’t up to the task, one of College Football’s biggest programs could be looking for a new coach in a couple of months.

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Written by Kurek

Sports fanatic, aspiring novelist

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