Today the Celtics formally introduced Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, and the media could not wait to ask questions. Lucky for us, the new Celtics gave very insightful responses and we learned a lot about what’s to come and even more about Gordon and Kyrie as individuals. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the press conference.

  1. Kyrie Irving is Incredibly Conscious and Woke


Keep your flat earth bashing comments to yourself, roundies. Before taking any basketball questions, Kyrie paused to acknowledge the greater social issues our country is facing today. He also set the tone and theme of the entire presser by noting that things are bigger than just him and basketball, and offered condolences to Jae Crowder and his family as well as Isaiah Thomas’.

2. The Hayward and Stevens Pairing was Inevitable

Gordon Hayward, Brad Stevens

Neither Kyrie or Hayward skimped on the praise for the basketball mind of Coach Brad Stevens, so it follows that Gordon couldn’t wait to be back under the tutelage of his college coach. Hayward described Stevens as “like a father”, to which Stevens responded “I remember when you couldn’t grow a beard!” It’s clear to see that their chemistry is undying and suggests an even better relationship going forward.

3. Gordon and Kyrie Tried to Team-Up Before


Back in 2013, when Hayward was a restricted free agent, Kyrie met with him to talk joining him in Cleveland. Of course, that idea promptly ended upon LeBron’s return to The Land. Kyrie’s recruitment of Hayward shows that he genuinely believes in Gordon’s talent, and their pairing being able to work at the level needed to chase a championship.

4. Hayward is Already Deferring to Irving


There’s always so much to say about “Who’s team is it?” in today’s NBA. A clearly defined leader is a talking point every team eventually has to address. While Kyrie repeatedly emphasized a team ideology, and Coach Stevens’ ability to maximize the contributions of players 1 through 15, Hayward seemed ready to concede to Kyrie. Questions directed to both of them prompted Kyrie to tell Hayward to “Go ahead G” and answer the question. Kyrie even set Hayward up with a joke to tell the Celtics’ media about their common birthday.

5. Kyrie Irving is the Most Confident Player in the NBA


The last question the media asked Kyrie is wether he had spoken to LeBron or not since his decision to request a trade, to which he flatly replied “No.” Many of us would think it natural to seek some sort of counsel from the best player on the planet who was your teammate of 3 years. Not Kyrie. By maintaining that Cleveland was just phase one of his journey, Irving seems more ready than ever to forge his own path to greatness.

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Written by Moses The Prophet

I love hoops.

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