Let’s discuss some tips and tricks to help you gain a competitive edge over your league mates. Most fantasy players will have come across situations and decisions that over time become a little easier to deal with, but it takes a few years of experience to put it all together usually.


The Snap

Know Your League Scoring and Settings

This first one seems rather obvious. Most players know what they are getting into and will draft accordingly to standard vs PPR, 4 point passing TD vs 6 point, 100 yard bonuses, etc. One part that could get overlooked is the starting roster format. Know how many flex spots there are and draft accordingly.


Charlotte Observer


Do Not Hold Grudges Against Players

Can you recall a time where you had a breakout player in mind, you were thinking “this is the year that they go off,” then that player either busts or gets hurt and winds up taking you out of contention? It is hard to trust a player that has burned you in the past, but you should not let that get in the way of winning. Roll the dice again, because we have seen it time after time where a player goes on to have a tremendous season after a let down the season previously.

Last season I decided to take Cam Newton, coming off a 50 TD MVP season, thinking if I get anything close to that, I am in a great position to make a deep playoff run. I also had OBJ, TY Hilton, LeSean McCoy, Jordan Howard, all on the same 12 team roster. If Cam does not struggle, I might have won easily. Well as it turned out Cam did not come close to his MVP season and I was bounced in the first round. Does this mean I should never trust him again? Maybe, but I would only be hurting myself to eliminate him from my options. He could easily have a very productive bounce back.


Sports Illustrated

Do Not Reach For Your Hometown Heroes

Try not to draft players because they play for your favorite team, or just because they were great for you in years past. You will likely end up reaching for them which is hardly ever a good thing. You see it happen all the time where fantasy owners fall in love with certain players and try to take them again in following years, only to get burned. Just because Jamaal Charles won you a title in 2010 doesn’t mean you have to take him every season going forward.



Bleacher Report

Wait on Drafting a Quarterback

It is all about getting value in each round. Position scarcity makes the difference between grabbing a QB early, and loading up on skill position players and taking a better QB value later on. You might look at the numbers and think “well, the top QBs score so many more points than the top backs and receivers…” but remember you have to start probably 5 RB/WR each week minimum vs one, maybe two QBs at most. The gap between points scored by the QB4 and the QB 12 is usually MUCH LESS than the gap between the RB4 and RB12.

Check out this link for some QBs who can provide a solid value on draft day.

Do not draft a Kicker or Defense (If you don’t have to)

If you have already bought into the strategy of streaming defense’s and/or kickers then we are on the same page. If your league does not even require you to draft them, then great, don’t. You can use these later round picks on skill player fliers during the preseason and just grab your K and Def prior to week one.

Use the IR Spot

Every so often there are a few somewhat valuable injured players out there whom you can take at the end of your draft, and just stash on the IR spot. You will have a free empty spot on your roster to go grab another flier.

NY Daily News

Draft More RBs than WRs
Middle tier WR’s are a dime a dozen and basically are free on your waiver wire in most leagues (not really for 16-team and above) and you can stream your WR3. However, the gap between useful RBs and the rest of the pack is quite large.


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*Be sure to check back into the Win Your League fantasy series during the season as I will be posting great streaming matchups, defenses to pick up and when to deploy them in your lineup, and more.

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Written by Nick Del Vecchio

Writer at Fact Fiction Fantasy NFL Fantasy Writer at RotoBaller.com I cheer loudly for the New York Football Giants, New York Yankees, New Jersey Devils, and in the rare occasion that they deserve praise, the New York Knicks.


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