The NFL and NFLPA have agreed to join forces to study the effects of marijuana on their players. Over the years, many players have been suspended for smoking weed, even though numerous states have legalized it in medical or recreational forms. The league still deems the drug as illegal, but it clearly shouldn’t be on the level of a performance enhancing drug.

Although this isn’t an issue for most players, some believe that they should be able to use marijuana to help with pain. Football is a violent contact sport, so it would make sense to allow players to smoke for medicinal purposes. The league is using one of the most controversial players as their guinea pig.

Josh Gordon is one of the most talented receivers in the NFL, but is he really in the NFL? The troubled wide out hasn’t played since 2014, when he had 303 receiving yards and 0 touchdowns. He led the NFL with 1646 yards in 2013 in only 14 games on the hapless Browns. Unfortunately for Gordon, he’s been more concerned with smoking weed than playing football. But with the league’s potential new stance on cannabis, they need a player like Gordon to test out their theories.


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that he’s been in contact with the NFLPA and Josh Gordon’s representative trying to come to an agreement. The discussions have primarily been about the amount Gordon will smoke between each quarter. When asked about the NFL’s plan to use him as a test case, Josh Gordon said “I’m glad that I get to combine my two loves of weed and uh… wait what were we talking about.” He then took another bong hit and spent the next thirty minutes incoherently rambling on about craving chicken nuggets.

Will Josh Gordon ever play again? That’s a question that we might get answered sooner rather than later. Will Josh Gordon ever be sober again? That’s highly (pun intended) unlikely, especially if the NFL, NFLPA, and Josh Gordon’s representatives can come to an agreement. This could be the first step in a monumental decision by the NFL to allow its players to smoke weed.

Many NFL players are counting on Josh Gordon to not let them down, like the way he let down the Cleveland Browns organization during the last few years. But with a bong in one hand and a football in the other, Josh Gordon is ready to put all his chips in the pot and smoke the competition if the league and his representatives can come to a joint decision about the use of cannabis in the NFL.


Written by The Miles Files

I'm a sports fan with a passion for writing about the games that we love.

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