As Fantasy Football leagues start to ramp up, it’s time to brainstorm your league’s best name. Fact Fiction Fantasy is here to help. The inclusions below don’t only focus on stars. We made sure to give some love to rookies, less glamorous positions, and players on the roster bubble. Make sure to check that they actually make the team. Feel free to use any name you like. If you can’t win your league, you might as well win the respect of competitors with your pun game.

*If you missed the NFC names, you can find them here.


  • Nobody Puts Brady in a Corner – QB Tom Brady
  • Toy Solders – OL Nate Solder
  • Bates Motel – LB Trevor Bates
  • Flowers for Algernon – DE Trey Flowers
  • Happy Gilmore – CB Stephon Gilmore
  • Kilgo Baggins – DT Darius Kilgo


  • The Phinishers
  • Tunsil Hockey – OL Laremy Tunsil
  • So Suh Me / Kung Suh Panda – Ndamukong Suh
  • The Wakening – DT Cameron Wake
  • Seven Pouncey – OL Mike Pouncey
  • Grand Larseny – OL Ted Larsen
  • BONUS for Rick and Morty fans: Misiks and Destroy – LB Koa Misi


  • Leggett It On – TE Jordan Leggett
  • T-A-N-K Tank! Tank! Tank!
  • Petty Crime – QB Bryce Petty
  • Leamony Snicket – OL Javarius Leamon / Lemonier Snicket – LB Corey Lemonier
  • Forte Year Old Virgin – RB Matt Forte
  • Skrine Pass – CB Buster Skrine


  • Banyard Animals – RB Joe Banyard
  • The Real Slim Shady – RB LeSean McCoy
  • Fifty Shades of Clay – TE Charles Clay
  • Hyde and Seek – CB Micah Hyde
  • Bacarri and Coke / Rambo: First Blood – S Bacarri Rambo
  • Bringing Down the Hauschka – K Stephen Hauschka


  • Saved By Le’ Bell – RB Le’Veon Bell
  • JuJu On That Beat – WR JuJu Smith-Schuster
  • The Knile-High Club – RB Knile Davis
  • Watt Can Brown Do For You? – LB T.J. Watt and WR Antonio Brown
  • Third Degree Burns – CB Artie Burns
  • Jesse James’ Gang of Outlaws – TE Jesse James


  • Hursts So Good – OL James Hurst
  • Your Team Suggs – LB Terrell Suggs
  • Shake it like a Salt Shakir – OL Maurquice Shakir
  • Beyer Beware – LB Brennen Beyer
  • Raven’ Lunatics
  • Tuckered Out – K Justin Tucker
  • BONUS: Wacka Flacco Flame – QB Joe Flacco


  • The Big Green – WR AJ Green
  • Tyler Kroft: Tomb Raider – TE Tyler Kroft
  • The Hills Have Eiferts – RB Jeremy Hill and TE Tyler Eifert
Original Photo: Film on Paper
  • Giology – RB Gio Bernard
  • Boling For Soup – OL Clint Boling
  • Atkins Diet – DT Geno Atkins
  • BONUS: The Dalton Our Stars – QB Andy Dalton


  • Hogan’s Heroes – QB Kevin Hogan
  • True Britt – WR Kenny Britt
  • Drango Unchained – OL Spencer Drango
  • Browns Always Tank Carder – LB Tank Carder
  • Burley Men – CB Marcus Burley
  • Kindred Spirits – S Derrick Kindred


  • A Rivers Runs Through It – QB Philip Rivers
  • Only the Good Addae Young – S Jahleel Addae
  • Cardalership – QB Cardale Jones
  • I Love Lamp – OL Forrest Lamp
  • Carry on my Hayward Son – CB Casey Hayward
  • The Pulley System – OL Spencer Pulley
  • BONUS: Bolted San Diego


  • Talib it to Beaver – CB Aqib Talib
  • Paradis Lost – OL Matt Paradis
  • Love Shaq – LB Shaquil Barett
  • Pekoboo – DT Domata Peko
  • Up Jamaal Night to Get Lucky – RB Jamaal Charles
  • AdVanced Warfare – Head Coach Vance Joseph


  • Mahome Boys / Mahomies – QB Patrick Mahomes
  • iZombo – LB Frank Zombo
  • Hali Baba and the Forty Thieves / Hali Hali Oxen Free – LB Tamba Hali
  • Dee-fense Wins Championships – LB Dee Ford
  • Ware the Wild Things Are – RB Spencer Ware
  • Tyreek Havoc – WR Tyreek Hill
  • BONUS: Berry the Hatchet – S Eric Berry


  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Dude, Where’s My Carr? – QB Derek Carr
  • License to Khalil – LB Khalil Mack
  • Darth Raider
  • He Went to Jared – TE Jared Cook
  • CalAmaris – WR Amari Cooper
  • BONUS: Too Many Cooks – TE Jared Cook and QB Connor Cook


  • Luckness Monster – QB Andrew Luck
  • Irsay It Ain’t So – Owner Jim Irsay
  • Locke and Load – Punter Jeff Locke
  • Donte’s Inferno – WR Donte Moncrief
  • Suit and T.Y. – WR T.Y. Hilton
  • Simon Says – LB John Simon
  • BONUS – Lucky Horseshoes – QB Andrew Luck


  • MegaWatts – DE J.J. Watt
  • Lamm to the Slaughter – OL Kendall Lamm
  • Quessenberry Pie – OL David Quessenberry (Take note of the super serious, glorious logo)
Original Photos: and
  • My Team is Savage and Mercilus – QB Tom Savage and LB Whitney Mercilus
  • Whoopee Cushings – LB Brian Cushing
  • Clowney Question, Bro – DE Jadeveon Clowney


  • Whose Kline is it Anyway? – OL Josh Kline
  • The Wild Wild Wesley – LB Wesley Woodyard
  • Orakpophobia – LB Brian Orakpo
  • Here Comes the Spain – OL Quinton Spain
  • A Bunch of Mularkey – Head Coach Mike Mularkey
  • Super Mario-ta – QB Marcus Mariota
  • BONUS: Abad Moon Rising – CB Manny Abad


  • Easy Blake Oven – QB Blake Bortles
  • Rashad Through the Heart – WR Rashad Greene Sr.
  • The Ivory Tower – RB Chris Ivory
  • Henne Given Sunday – QB Chad Henne
  • Marcedes Benz – TE Marcedes Lewis
  • Take Me to Church – S Barry Church
  • BONUS: Genie in a Bortles – QB Blake Bortles


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Header Photo: Ms. Career Girl




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