Cardinals- The QB retirement home.

Falcons- Anxious about every lead.

Ravens- Tucker serenading goal posts.

Bills- Heading toward number 18.

Panthers- Dabbing despite down 20.

Bears- Our pizza sucks too.

Bengals- Best team from Ohio!

Browns- Striving to avoid embarrassment.

Cowboys- Heartbreaking loss upcoming soon.

16subnfc-master768Photo Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Broncos- Can Von Miller throw?

Lions- Don’t blame you Calvin.

Packers- In Aaron we trust.

Texans- Didn’t want Romo anyway!

Colts- Protect Andrew Luck’s organs.

Jaguars- Only watching for Fantasy.

usa-today-9492632.0Photo Credit: Logan Bowles/USA Today Sports

Chiefs- Jesus! Call timeout Andy!

Rams- Ready for lift Goff.

Chargers- Stay classy, San Diego.

Dolphins- Still can’t spell Ayjayi.

Vikings- Need our Teddy back.

Patriots- Annoyingly, still the favorites.

Saints- Always a throwing situation.

Giants- No more boat trips.

Jets- T-A-N-K, Tank, Tank, Tank!

Raiders– Silver and black Skittles.

20120611_seahawks_proshop_2111Photo Credit:

Eagles- Unassailable fan booing ability.

Steelers– Ben is hurt again.

49ers- Hoyer is replacing Kaep?

Seahawks– Sherman for NFLPA President.

Buccaneers– The stereotypical sleeper team.

Titans- Cringing whenever Mariota falls.

Redskins- Fittingly dysfunctional D.C. team.



Header Photo Credit: Sporting News

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