In 2012, the Washington Redskins traded an absurd amount of draft picks in exchange for the right to draft Robert Griffin III with the second overall pick. After an incredible rookie campaign, the rookie sensation would fizzle in subsequent seasons. A combination of injuries and sub-play would pave the way for the next quarterback: Kirk Cousins.

Cousins was also drafted in 2012, and he didn’t hesitate to capitalize on the opportunity to be a starting quarter back in the NFL. Cousins was named the season starter in 2015, and led the Redskins to a playoff berth.

When Cousins stepped in and set franchise records, it felt like a weight lifted off the shoulders of Redskins’ fans. Unfortunately, no honeymoon can last forever. Kirk Cousins was slated to become a free agent in 2016, and the Redskins responded by using the franchise tag. After the two sides were unable to reach a long-term agreement, Cousins was franchise tagged again in 2017.

The Redskins are still trying to sign Cousins to a longer contract, but the two sides are very far apart. The Redskins lost Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson, two of Cousins’ favorite targets, in free agency. With the losses of those receivers, the chances of Cousins wanting to resign with Washington seemed to decrease even further.

Cousins has all the power in these contract discussions, and he is taking advantage of his leverage. In preliminary discussions with the Redskins front office, Cousins allegedly requested the rights to Dan Snyder’s first-born child. Snyder explained that he already had three children, and it would be a bit late for Cousins to own his first-born. Cousins stuck to his guns, stating that since Snyder had two other kids, he could afford to give one to Cousins. Cousins would not specify why he wanted Snyder’s first born. Early speculation is that Cousins planned to use the blood of the first-born to place a hex on the Snyder family, though this is unconfirmed. Plans to hex Dan Snyder were met with unanimous support from Redskins’ fans.

The quarterback’s other requests including renaming the team to the “Washington Cousins”. There were also preliminary talks of changing the name of FedEx Field to Cousins Field, but Cousins ultimately decided that he didn’t want his name associated with one of the worst stadiums in the league. Nobody likes FedEx Field.

After the two sides were unable to reach an agreement, Cousins lowered his standards, and asked if the Redskins would keep a starting running back for more than two seasons. Snyder laughed.

If Cousins does sign a long-term deal, he could earn almost $30 million per year, but whether or not he will sign with the Redskins is still unknown.


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Written by Liam Griffin

135 pounds of fury.

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